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Shrimping at the Famous Titusville Railroad Bridge (RRB)



The Shrimping at the Titusville Railroad Bridge is excellent excellent and the Shrimp are very large, Jumbo, even Shrimp-Zilla Sized… (See below Shrimp-Zilla Photos.

The Titusville Railroad Bridge is a Great spot for Shrimping, and Fishing for Seatrout, Redfish, Red drum, Snook, Black drum, Sheepshead and Blue Crabs.

You will need a Merritt Island Refuge Permit which is FREE

You are required to keep the permit with you while fishing or shrimping.

It is also know as;

NASA Railroad Bascule Bridge (Jay Jay), Titusville, FL

Known as the Titusville Railroad  Bridge or RRB

28.650537, -80.807372

Long Description:

This moving bridge is on the Indian River Lagoon, near Titusville, Florida.

This bridge is part of the main thoroughfare for shuttling heavy machinery, equipment and supplies to and from the JFK Space Center. Items that have crossed here include spent solid rocket boosters, rocket frames and other space program materials, which are normally shipped via rail, and therefore cross this bridge. The bridge is referred to as the Jay Jay Bridge by many.

Horizontal Clearance: 90 feet

Closed Verticle Clearance: 7 feet

Channel depths are 6-8 feet.

Body of water Indian River

The bridge is left in the upright position unless it is being used. It is an automated bridge.