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Shrimping Rules and Regulations for Florida Waters.

Recreational shrimpers use dip nets, traps, cast nets, frame nets, Nets that open with the flow of the current.

Winter Shrimping is a mostly a night time activity so you will need lights, submersible lights works best as it illuminates the water to you can see shrimp as they flow by your boat, so that you may see them swimming by.

Shrimping can be done from a boat, seawall, or bridge. The tides can be crucial. Recreational Shrimping bag limits here in Florida are 5 gallons, called a Full Pull, check with your local regulations.

On the East Coast of The Florida Winter Shrimp will run from October thru June, and the shrimp will run on the east coast from July and August, and the shrimp will be running on the ST. Johns River in NE Florida, so you just have to go and see if they are running on those months.

Don't forget to bring a fishing pole and bug repellant to keep you occupied while waiting for them. The lights attract Red Drum and Sea Trout, along with and other nocturnal predators and will hit a rubber jig or light bait such as shrimp and mullet. When I see a Trout in my Shrimp Lights, I like to free line a live Shrimp in front of the light and the Trout is sure to get it as it swims by the Trout.

Note: A Florida saltwater fishing license is required for shrimping, and the Shrimping Bag Limit is 5 gallons per boat, not per person.

Shrimping Rules and Regulations for Florida Waters.


Recreational Shrimping Regulations


Bag Limit: Individuals can take 5 gallons, heads on, per harvester per day. Possession limit of no more than 5 gallons, heads on, per vessel at any time regardless of the number of persons onboard.


Size limit: None


Closed season: April and May closed in Nassau, Duval, St. Johns, Putnam, Flagler and Clay counties.


Closed areas: Contact your nearest FWC Law Enforcement office for local restrictions.


License requirement: Recreational saltwater fishing license (resident or non-resident), unless a recreational saltwater fishing license exemption applies.


*View the full Recreational Shrimping Restrictions.


Allowable recreational nets for the harvest of shrimp:


Shrimp Trap Guidelines


Baiting Information


A person recreationally harvesting shrimp may use a cast net in conjunction with nonmetal poles to bait shrimp while adhering to the following rules: