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FLORIDA’S Ships and Barges,


Ships and Barges

all the Ship Wrecks and Barges are known to be great Fishing Habitats, that are great for offshore fishing out of "Ponce Inlet", "Cape Canaveral", "Florida"…

Here are some of the Best Offshore Fishing Ship Wrecks and Barges out of "Ponce Inlet", "Cape Canaveral", "Florida"… That we recommend to our members… and are known to hold some nice fish.

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SITE 1  10.8  nm  from the inlet.

1994 - Site 1 195 ft. barge, Argoil
Lat/Long: (GPS)
29°07.07 'N, 80°41.58'W

The 195ft. steel  barge, Argoil is east of  the center culverts.  It is intact and upright.


SITE 2 It is near Cracker Ridge, a few miles west of the Party Grounds natural reef. 

1994 -Site 2  76 ft. ship, Semarca
Lat/Long: (GPS)
29°09.16'N, 80°40.64'W

The 76 ft steel ship, Semarca, is on the south end of the site. See Site 2 Photo, Semarca

SITE 3 11 miles northeast of Ponce inlet

1980 - Site 3 446 ft.USS Mindanao
Lat/Long: (GPS)
29°11.93N, 80°44.86'W

Site 3:  The USS Mindanao (ARG -3), is probably the oldest artificial reef. The ship rests in 85 feet of water, 11 miles northeast of Ponce inlet. She is a 446 ft. World War II, Liberty ship. See
Wikipedia information . Her main deck is 60 ft. below the surface and lies in a general N-S direction. The superstructure was removed before the sinking. The shipwreck suffered damage during the 1995 winter storms and the bow is now to the N, separated from the rest of  the hull. Schools of bait fish, tomtate grunts, mangrove snapper, and a few small boat anchors are often seen in her open holds. Small clumps of ivory bush coral and encrusting sponges and tunicates are growing on the steel hull.. In 1992 a  small pile of culverts were placed  just south of the hull.

There are also lots of Triple tail there at times... I seen dozens swimming on the top of the water... just before dusk..

1995 - Site 3 217 ft. ship, Rio Yuna
Lat/Long: (GPS)
29°11.7 'N, 80°44.8W

The former Caribbean trader, Rio Yuna, has been broken up by storms and by the nets of trawlers

1995 -Site 3  100 ft.tug, Alexandra McAllister
Lat/Long: (GPS)
29°11.63'N, 80°44.81'W

1995 - Site 3 81 ft. tug, Thomas H
29°11 .74'N, 80°44.92'W

1995 - Site 3 100 ft. barge, Atlas
Lat/Long: (GPS)
29°11.39'N, 80°45.04'W

Schools of mangrove snapper, angelfish, amberjack, barracuda goliath grouper and spadefish are usually on the ships and the barge.  Cobia, tarpon and manta rays also visit  the ships.

The two sturdy tugs are upright and intact. The wooden main deck of the barge, Atlas, is gone.

SITE 4 is 17 nm northeast of the inlet.

1994-Site 4 ship, Maxine D
Lat/Long: (GPS)
29°19.40'N, 80°44.84'W

2004- Site 4  Ship, Antilles Star
Lat/Long (GPS)
29° 19.198 N, 80° 44.770'W

The Maxine D is a 165 ft. steel ship. She was placed on the site in 1994 and remains upright and intact. She lies in a general N-S direction. Maxine D. Photo

Antilles Star Photo

The 165 ft Antilles Star was placed on Site 4 south of the Maxine D on 6/29/04. On sinking she was lying on her side. After the hurricanes in 2004, she is now almost upright . Click to here to see a  survey.

SITE 6 is 9 nm  east  of  the inlet.

2011 - Site 6E  Barge 
Lat/Long : (GPS)
29°03.067 N, 80°42.892' W

On  July 29, 2011, a  195  ft. barge was placed  in the Eastern  part of the site. The  barge is 10.5 ft. High

SITE 7 is 11 nm  ESE of  the inlet.

It is good site for mangrove snapper and sheepshead. Several barge loads of culverts were first placed on the center of the site in 1991. The depth is  approximately 60  ft

water barge

A  120 ft. steel  water barge was placed about 1/4 mile  east of the center culverts in 1992.  The barge is upright, intact and is covered with variety of soft corals. Large grouper are sometimes on the barge in the early spring.


Site 9 is 33 nm from the inlet. Close to Mango Hole

1996 - Site 9 Ship
Lat/Long: (GPS)
29°21.23'N, 80°21.44'W

1996- Site 9 The USN
Intruder Planes

Lots of fish and LARGE Amberjack...

Most of the time I use a 1 -3 lb weight, and when the current is ripping, I use a 10 lb weight on my electric Reels...if you make it to the bottom you will be into some good fishing...


Site 9 is 33 nm from the inlet. It is a popular deep water, (135ft.) fishing site. In 1996, about two dozen USN Intruders and a 100 ft. ship were placed in the area. The ship is upright, intact and easy to find.. This site is no longer an active pemitted  site. Because of the depth, and sometimes strong currents, Site 9 is not recommended for sport diving.

The planes  are very scattered. Look a short distance to the southeast and to the east of the ship for the first few planes.