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Member Article Flounder Fishing With Artificials

Discussion in 'Fishing School, Learning, Tips, Tricks, Rigs, etc.' started by fishingfool, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Richard Walden

    Richard Walden Greenhorn

    Thank you for the education and your responce to my querry.
  2. Zimmo1

    Zimmo1 Pirate

    All good info from all... have a Merry Christmas and good fishing
    Richard Walden likes this.
  3. John Reid

    John Reid Powder Monkey

    Great info. I really appreciate the detail you provide to help other fisherman. Can't wait until I get down there in late February to give it a try around New Smyrna.
    Thanks for sharing.
  4. Muggin Mullet

    Muggin Mullet Treasure Hunter

    Flounder fishing down here really had me going insane as its so different than up North.I have watched tons of videos of people catching them by two bounces off the bottom, pause, two bounces off the bottom, pause and so on. This wasn't doing it for me. I caught 2 in 3 trips. I tried the twitching approach by pointing the rod tip nearly in the water and - twitch twitch, pause, twitch twitch, pause. Very soft twitches. Had much more success twitching/dragging it across the bottom versus popping it up/down. Couldn't agree more about slacking the line. I open bale or slack + count to 5 after feeling a bite and its helped tremendously.

    Using Jig Heads x Gulp too. Gulp Shrimp Penny, Gulp Shrimp grey/white and Gulp Mullet Chartreuse
    Alps likes this.
  5. NJbasser

    NJbasser Pirate in the making

    Wow that was quite and mouthful but worth the price of reading it.

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