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Are Frame Nets No Longer Legal ???? Updated Info

Discussion in 'Shrimping Chatter = Anything To Do With Shrimping' started by Nautical Gator, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Jeepster

    Jeepster Boatswain

    Wow. Talk about going the extra mile. Sam you rock!
  2. Popcorn Shrimper

    Popcorn Shrimper Junior Member

    march 4th I went up to Sebastian inlet the day after fwc went to the dock at Sebastian and checked frame nets, I walked out on the catwalk and came across two Mexicans using mono filament frame box nets. I was pissed so I called fwc to report them. fwc came to the catwalk walked right past me , right past the Mexican with the box nets and ticketed some kid that climbed over the rail and was fishing from the fender. when he was done he walked right past the Mexicans again . I walked up to him and inquired bout why he didn't do anything with the Mexicans and there mono box net. he said I don't know anything about the box nets being illegal and questioned me about where I got my info. I told him from the offi er that was here the other night and he claimed he didn't know what I was talking bout................... SO I GUESS IT'S ONLY OK TO USE MONO FILIMENT FRAME/BOX NETS IF YOUR AN ILLEGAL AILEN MEXICAN!
  3. robthetimekeeper

    robthetimekeeper Seaworthy

    Easy there, Popcorn! The nationality of the fisherman have nothing to do with anything.
  4. Popcorn Shrimper

    Popcorn Shrimper Junior Member

    SRY, I get this way when I get slapped with a wall of poo poo that just won't quit, crappy start to the season down here, then mild heart attack the day before Christmas, then a crappy middle of season, then harassed by fwc. then spend over 200 dollars getting my stuff legal again then march 4th, then come in here to find I have basically been kicked out of the forums for not posting my wonderful luck. I kinda feel like I've been kicked out of this forum for no good reason (minium post requirement) which basically says to me :::::::::::: if you ain't catching shrimp we ain't gonna help you!
  5. BigJohnvid

    BigJohnvid Pirate in the making

    All I got last night was Jellyfish in my frame net.
  6. BigJohnvid

    BigJohnvid Pirate in the making

    I got one of Ron's box nets is there any special way to deploy them?
  7. Steve S

    Steve S Pirate

    I met Capt Ron Friday. He is a super nice guy. He said that FWC (most of them?) are currently writing warnings for the mono box nets but will eventually enforce the rule. He said he was next to a guy using a mono net and he was using a poly net with identical results. BTW Capt. Rons folding nets are awesome! We saw very few up top in the lights Fri nite but the frame net saved the skunk and got us a gallon. Steve
  8. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member
    Thread Started By

  9. snj

    snj Greenhorn

    ThankTE="Nautical Gator, post: 813, member: 6"]OK this is the REAL SCOOP

    They just called me back and they said that
    There has been NO changes in the use of Frame Nets in the state of Florida,
    and they said it is still legal to use them.

    I hate when people spread false roomers with out checking on them first...

    So go out and shrimp.

  10. snj

    snj Greenhorn

  11. Nathan

    Nathan Junior Member

    Good update and good info here. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Well Rigged II

    Well Rigged II Greenhorn

    After ready the majority of this thread, I now know what being a law breaker must feel like.
  13. Capt4Larry

    Capt4Larry Newbie

    Thanks Sea ya on the Water
  14. Jeepster

    Jeepster Boatswain

    Great info. Thanks for keeping us up to date.
  15. wantabe

    wantabe Pirate in the making

    Thanks for the info Sometimes difficult to know what is right
  16. dangermon

    dangermon Greenhorn

    Great post. I hope to contruct my own frame net and push around the Santa Rosa Sound!
  17. Lee Keslar

    Lee Keslar Junior Member

    Good news that frame nets are still legal
  18. Grumpy

    Grumpy Pirate

    I still have my NON collapsable frame net that I bought back in the early 90's......still works too :)
  19. dangermon

    dangermon Greenhorn

    Very good news. So many people where I live think all shrimping is illegal in Pensacola. We have no shrimpers like there is on the east cost.
  20. JD4WD

    JD4WD Greenhorn

    Awesome info, thank you for sharing!

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