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Off The Hook Resaturant

Discussion in 'New Smyrna Beach' started by bogman102, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. bogman102

    bogman102 Petty Officer
    Thread Started By

    South causeway NSB.
    I forgot to add this one.
    I have only been there a few times but thought the food was good, portions fair and price reasoinable.
    I had crawdads one time in a bowl with spicy liquid boil. Quite good.
    Another time I had fried fish. Light fry coating was quite good too.
    I don't remember the quality of their French fries.

    They advertise that they only use fresh fish.
  2. bogman102

    bogman102 Petty Officer
    Thread Started By

    I just saw that Off The Hook is having an Oyster special this weekend (10-17~20-2013) for Biketoberfest.
    Raw, fried, steamed any way you want them and a large variety of Oyster shooters.
    On Saturday they are having an Oyster eating contest. I'll be there for that but only as a viewer!
    Biketoberfest runs Thursday thru Sunday.
  3. bogman102

    bogman102 Petty Officer
    Thread Started By

    I was at Off the Hook today for their Oyster eating contest.
    What a hoot! Winner ate 96 Oysters in two minutes! I spoke with HER after and she said she ate 4 dozen Oysters for dinner last night! I was seated next to her at the bar after the contest and she ordered Oyster Rockefeller! I guess she really likes Oysters! She won a $500.00 gift certificate for Off the Hook or Smyrna Steak House! What a deal!
    Entry was $25.00 which includes the all you can eat Oysters, a shirt and $5.00 donation to the New Smyrna Marine Science Center.
    They ran out of judges and asked at the bar for volunteers. SURE! My entrant ate 75 Oysters.
  4. bogman102

    bogman102 Petty Officer
    Thread Started By

    I have been back here often for their weekend only Oyster special. $9.95 a dozen! What a deal. They get them from a variety of places and most weekends it's a diffrent location from the previous weekend but they are usually from either Texas or Louisiana. The Oysters are usually plump and full bodied. Quite tasty for those who like Oysters! I like mine raw on the half shell.
  5. shrimpmansteve

    shrimpmansteve Scallywag

    Love oysters. Gonna have to give it a try
  6. NateHawg

    NateHawg Pirate

    Any word on the new location at the old Inlet Harbor? Was down that way for the holiday weekend, but they had a tourney going on so too packed to stop in.
  7. Saltgasm

    Saltgasm Swabbie

    Off the Hook was exactly that. I had the tuna poke tacos, talk about yum! Don’t hesitate to go there.

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