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Kids Fishing Rodeo

Discussion in 'Out of State Fishing Reports' started by Seetrout, May 30, 2018.

  1. Seetrout

    Seetrout Junior Member
    Thread Started By

    Back in April my son in law and I took the grand kids to the fishing rodeo at the gun club only to find out that they had stocked the pond with Tiger Trout this year. Tiger's pretty much are exclusively fish eaters and have a lot of teeth. So I only saw 2 kids catch fish who's dad's showed up with minnows. All the other kids are sitting there fishing with power bait, corn, worms, etc and being bored to tears.Can you imagine 100 (or more) kids fishing a 1 acre pond with minnows? I am a bit miffed at whoever made the call to not get rainbow trout. It's supposed to be about the kids catching fish and having fun!

    So Sunday I said lets take the kids to the trout hatchery and let them catch fish for today's dinner. Yeah, I really need to find a farm pond to catch a bunch of bluegills and throw them back. My 5 yr old grand daughter says I don't want to go, we didn't catch any fish last time. #(^ #$%^ @sshats at the club! Managed to talk my 2 1/2 year old grandson into going though. YEAH!

    I help him cast in, 30 seconds and he reels in a nice rainbow. Do it again and I'm thinking 'Awesome, he's having fun and my grand daughter will want to come next time'. 3rd time.....no grandpa, I'll hold the worms (wax worms) OK? No problem buddy, I will catch a couple for dinner and then you can catch a couple more. Look Grandpa the worms on my head! Wax worms crawling around in his hair.

    Sigh. Wow buddy, how kool is that? Are you ready to go? Let's just get the worms out of your hair and back in the container before we go back home to your mom, OK.

    And.... my grand daughter wanted to help me clean the fish when we got home, hopefully she will want to go fishing too next time.
  2. That does sound like a poor fish stocking decision on the gun clubs part.. glad to hear your grandson had some fun though and maybe your granddaughter will to go next time. Pretty cool that she wanted to help you clean them!!
  3. Rich M

    Rich M Mate

    Kids are great - has to be fun.

    I'm ready to start taking my grandson fishing - 4 yrs old. Just tough the way the parents schedule so much stuff every time we visit...
  4. Ricardo23

    Ricardo23 Treasure Hunter

    As long as your grandson was enjoying himself, a few worms on his hair are fine!
  5. Goggle Eye

    Goggle Eye Seaman Recruit

    Always nice to have the kid's involved.
  6. aharp61

    aharp61 Deckhand

    If you aren't catching kids have no interest after a few minutes.
  7. bogman102

    bogman102 Seaman

    Great report and keeping the kids interested!
    I was out fishing up north with my BIL for Stripers live lining Bunker. Things were slow and his two kids, a boy and girl, were getting bored! I set up a rod for them with sand worms and a small hook. They started catching Porgies right away and were happy!
    My BIL never forgave for that! His problem and I would do the same again!

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