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Good To Know Forum Rules

Discussion in 'Forum Instructions and Rules... Please Read' started by Nautical Gator, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member
    Thread Started By

    Our Forum is 100% FREE to join!
    All we ask is that you follow some common sense rules!

    TO ALL MEMBERS, Please be a "Dedicated Member" of our CLUB-N-FORUM™

    Please help out our Clubs Forum by "Greeting New Members" and "Posting Reports" of your, Shrimping N Fishing™ catches…I put in a few hours a day managing this site, so to take a few minutes of your time to greet and post is not asking to much... help.gif out... Thanks...

    We are a Club and Reports Forum; where you get to interact with other fellow members just like yourself that also love the sport of Shrimping N Fishing™… It is because of Members like you and others, that make our Clubs Forum so Great...

    Where Hip, Where Cool, Where Adventurous, Where Great Anglers and Shrimpers… and we ALL have things in common with one-another…. And should share knowledge by giving back and helping out our fellow members!!!

    We are the Few the Proud and the Privileged to have joined such a Great Club & Forum like ShrimpNFishFlorida™.

    So Kudos to all of you for showing interests in joining our Clubs Forum…
    Now it’s up to you to help out by Participating in our Clubs Forums posts and discussions!!!

    Please take the time to say Hello and Thanks to all those members who are participating by "posting reports" of their Shrimping N Fishing™ catches…

    Our Clubs Forum is designed to help get you motivated so you get out too Fish N Shrimp™...

    It’s IMPORTANT to show that we appreciate it when members take the time to post reports, tell their stories and adventures, and provide information on where the action is…

    Where all part of our TEAM OF ANGLERS:
    So it is important that you show your TEAM SPIRIT:
    Sort of like when you go to a game you root for your favorite team to show your loyalty or team spirit, same goes for your fellow TEAM of ANGLER here at ShrimpNFishFLorida.
    When you become part of our TEAM of ANGLERS, we would like for everyone to show your TEAM SPIRIT by congratulating other fellow members who have taken the time to post reports and the story behind their adventure.
    Thanking you in advance for your TEAM Loyalty.

    So in support of our Clubs Forum and Participating Members; we added some simple commonsense rules to help make this a more fun and productive forum....

    Join our "ShrimpNFish™" Family and Join the FUN!!
    If you would like to help and pitch in, See how you can help out your club and Forum! (Click Here!)

    Forum Rules are Simple: and should be considered commonsense!
    1) It would be beneficial and courteous to other members, if All Members would "Post Reports" of all there "Shrimping N Fishing™" catches... (Good day or Bad day) Considering that this is a Reports Forum... After all, other members are taking their time to post reports to help you out, it would be a good idea to help others and give back by posting some reports of your fishing and shrimping catches… so try to do your part by participating and giving back…

    • This is a Reports Forum, So please show your support by posting reports of your catches...
    • Here at ShrimpNFishFlorida™ we give ALL our members 100% FULL ACCESS to ALL our Forums, Topics and Reports, We do not limit access to just the elite high posters like other Forums do!!!
    • In Return: All we ask is that when you go Fishing or Shrimping, that you post reports of your catch just like others are.
    • If you do not have a report to post, make sure you at least "congratulate" others that are posting reports.
    2) It would be helpful to put the “Date of Catch” in the "Title Bar" of your report post... This is helpful for future searches and easier to locate past reports for site updates... like our Monthly Fishing Calendar... etc...

    3) If possible, All Report Posts are to have “Photos and a description” of your catch and the "conditions"... This is not a Pic Post Site... It is a Reports Post Forum, so please add a description to your posts!!! and Please do not piggyback your report onto another members report, post a new report for all your own reports. Thanks.

    4) NOTE: New Members, Membership is a Privileged not a right - When we give you the "privilege of membership", it then becomes up to you to keep your membership "active" by becoming an active member by Participating in our Clubs Forums posts and discussions by posting in our clubs forums….

    We are a exclusive group if anglers, we are the few, the proud, the elite called the “A-Team”, a network of anglers… Membership is a privilege, although we give everyone the same opportunity to join. Than it is up to you to become an active participating group member…

    We give all members the same opportunity to become an active participating member by posting, congratulations, reports and interacting with other members to meet our minimum 30 day post requirements.

    Forum Security.jpg

    If you are a New Member that signed-up have (zero) or only (1) post, and "DO NOT" participate in the forums by interacting with members in the discussions within 30 days, the system is now set to disable your account if inactive for 30 day with no posts, or have not met our forum 30 day minimum post requirements.... (See Post Requirements )

    • In order to keep your membership current you must have at least 5 posts per month to be considered an active participating member...
    • We do not need lots of new members...
    • What we need are "Actively Participating Members"... We are a "Close Knit Group" of experienced Anglers, here to help others and have fun... by sharing our knowledge and experience...
    • Note: It would not be fair for the members that are posting fishing and shrimping reports and actively participating in our forums discussions, if any person could join with only one post and benefit from other members reports and discussions without being an active participating member. Alter-all this is a FREE Forum, we give everyone the same privilege of joining and belonging to a great group and being part of our A-Team Network of Anglers™ and all we ask is that you participate in our forums discussions.

    5) Notice:
    • No posting one word posts to get your post count up.
    • No posting a simile alone without a discussion paragraph. :mad:
    • Please do NOT copy and paste the same thing in multiple forums, this will be considered spamming the forum. Your posts will be deleted and you will get a warning and may be banned from that forum or thread.
    • No posting multiple welcome posts in our new member introduction forum just to get post count up.
    • No posting unrelated forum thread topic posts just to get post count up.
    6) Note: on WARNINGS and BANS - and being Banned from forums and threads.

    If you get Banned you may be blocked from:

    • Accessing a forum
    • Creating threads
    • Replying to threads
    • Creating conversations
    • Replying to conversations
    • Membership Suspended
    Amongst other blocks.

    6A) BANNED MEMBERS: loose all the benefits of our clubs forum, including our fishing and Shrimping Buddy's forum, and we ask all members to be true to your club and respect the ban and not to give any banned members any reports or updates on what is running, or the benefit of budding up for any future fishing trips. Thanks.

    7) Be “Supportive” of other Members...

    8) Posting Comments: Be "Nice" “NO Drama, Bickering, Confrontations, No Accusations, false claims or statements, no defamatory comments, No calling members names or belittling ” ...The rules are all in good clean fun, be nice and absolutely NO drama or bickering etc... We want our clubs forum to be fun for all... be an honest person, have integrity and display good character and make some friends..

    9) ALL members "Report Photos" can and will be used by ShrimpNFishFlorida™ at random on Our Clubs Forum and Websites...

    10) ALL member photos, of their catches are the property of their respective owners, please do not copy and post on other sites or forums... Anyone re-posting a members photos without their permission are subject to the below actions! NOTE: We are a Club where we help our fellow members with our posts, we are not a pic post like other sites are... So keep the reports true to our club. Thanks

    11) NOTE: Our Reports are NOT to be re-posted on any other forum site.. Anyone caught doing this will be banned form our forum!!!

    BE TRUE TO YOUR CLUB - Keep Our Reports and what you read on our Clubs Forum on our site ONLY! Help make our Club Great not others... Thanks...

    If you are helping out other angling forums by posting angling posts on other sites you will be in violation of these rules and could be banned form our forum!!! So Please be true to your Club and Clubs Forum. Thanks

    12) IMAGES: Do not post any copyrighted Images on our forum.

    13) We all want reports to be current, so if anyone "Falsifies" Reports or Report Photos as current catches... they could be subject to the below actions!!!... You may post old catches and photos in the off topic forum or fishing chatter and shrimping chatter forums......

    14) There will be absolutely "NO Soliciting" of business on this site.... This is a friendly Members only site, NOT a commercial site! and we would like to keep it this way!!! No directing Members to other sites, or suggesting to any member too get off the forum or quit our clubs forum.

    14A) No posting links to any commercial site that charge money for anything boating related.
    No posting links to ANY private email, subscription page, paid or membership website. These links are dead to the public and will not show any content behind the link.
    14B) No promoting any other fishing Clubs or Seminars etc...
    14C) No promoting any products without approval by the Administration.
    14D) Any and all promoting has to be approved by the Administration...
    14E) Newsletter Advertising or Banner Advertising has to be approved by the Administration, and there will be a fee for it.
    14F) No posting any business cards, banners, or advertisements or promoting of any businesses of any kind without Administration approval.

    15) No posting phone numbers or email addresses in forums, that is done in your inbox conversations.

    16) Be respectful and Reach out and help others... On and off the waters...

    Self Manage Accounts:
    17) All Members are responsible to manage their own profile settings upon registration or thereafter.

    18) Upon registration all members agree to receive forum mailings and to manage their own mail settings.

    19) Avatars: Animated Avatars are not allowed. The reason is that they are very annoying as they distract the viewers.

    20) Avatars: Please do not just post an Avatar without posting a comment along with it in the discussions. Thanks.

    21) Raffles, Tournaments, Giveaways, Prizes: All Raffles, Tournaments, Giveaways, and Prizes, are only made available to active forum members, any non active members are not eligible for any Raffles, Tournaments, Giveaways, and Prizes. It is the responsibility of all members to know their active status before entering any Raffles, Tournaments, Giveaways, and Prizes.

    22) Donations: as we appreciate all donations and contributions to help our club out, PayPal does not provide a way for donations to be refunded, so it is our policy that no donations or contributions can be refunded, which includes any club event donations.

    23) Members Participation: In order to make ShrimpNFishFlorida™ a strong Club we give new members 30 days to show that they are sincere by become an active participating club member >>>

    in order to post in the following forums, you must me an active participating member.
    • Classified forum,
    • Fish-N-Buddies Wanted (R) AND
    • Shrimph-N-Buddies Wanted (R)
    • Fishing Shrimping Trip Plans forum.
    • Seriously: if you are not a participating member why are you here?
    • Seriously: if you are out fishing or shrimping and not posting reports of your adventures, why are you here?
    • Seriously: if you make any references that you were out fishing in a posts thread and did not post a report, why are you here? = it only takes two minutes to make a post on a subject you reference, if not don't make references, if everyone did that, no one would be posting. I take all my available time to keep things rolling and simply ask for member participation. Thanks.
    • If we check your stats and we see that you have have been not posting any reports but make reference that you have been out fishing or shrimping, your account could be deactivated. sorry, but we only want Participation members in our club. Thanks.
    23A) Shrimph-N-Buddies forum, is you abuse our buddies forum or buddy members in anyway, including but not limited to abuse or the damaging of there stuff with out replacing or reimbursing for the damage, not paying your fair share of expanses, steal from them, are rude or obnoxious, etc... and they complain to us about this, you could loose your club and forum privileges.

    24) NOTE: Posting Products or Equipment Links on our forum: When posting any product or equipment links, you need to post them from Amazon Only. Amazon give our club credit for all traffic to there site, so this helps to support our forum. Thanks

    25) NOTE: If any members posts or members, do not conform to these simple Rules; a timed or permanent suspension can and will be imposed, either directly or by the three point rule.
    • 1) Forum Membership Access / privileges can be suspended or denied at any time! Even if you are a paid member.
    26) Paid Membership: Even paid Members need to be participating in our clubs forum discussions or your account can be deactivated for non participation.

    27) Delete Accounts: this is an complicated issue, We cannot delete any accounts, mainly because a deleted account also affects other members posts and threads. So what we do is either suspend your account or rename the account, which will seem as if your account was deleted without affecting any other members posts and threads.

    IMPORTANT: When “Site Moderator or Admin” asks a Question "you are to respond" my email or post...

    Site Moderator and Admin, are the ones who are responsible for making our Clubs Forum a pleasant experience for all members, so Please respect them and their forum duties! They are volunteering their time to help make our Clubs Forum a great experience for all... Thanks...
    These are the Forum Rules and will be modified from time to time! It is up to you to keep up to date on any changes.

    If you do not agree with any of our clubs forum rules, you do not have to join our clubs forum. Smiley Laughing018::1

    Any Questions, Concerns or Suggestion... you can email them to me....

    Join our "ShrimpNFish™" Family and Join the FUN!!

    Posted by:

    Sam "aka" Nautical Gator
    Forum Captain,
    officer in command,
    Site Creator, Club Member,
    Peacekeeper, Admin and Site Moderator…

    It's a tough job, but someones got to do it!

    Terms of Service and Rules

    NOTE: ALL Website, Forum, Category title wording, Forum Title wording, Thread content, Reports, Article, Photos, Banners, videos, artwork and all others are ©Copyrighted material of ShrimpNFishFlorida™, and are not to be re-posted on any other site or forum without the express consent of ShrimpNFishFlorida™. (No Exceptions)

    COPYRIGHT / SERVICE MARK / TRADEMARK NOTICE: by our "ShrimpNFish" Family... ©Copyright 2013 ShrimpNFishFlorida™, FishNShrimpFlorida™, by Gator Management Services.™, Nautical Gator, LLC..™ A People Company! All Servicemarks, Trademarks, Slogans, Copyright's, names, photo's, artwork, logo’s & trademarks are the property of our "ShrimpNFish™" Family... All artwork was designed for ShrimpNFishFlorida™. And may not be reproduced in any manner whatsoever... for more info on Copyright Servicemarks, and Trademarks click here! [All Rights Reserved ].
  2. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member
    Thread Started By

    Forum Rules

    As you can tell, I have been working hard on introducing some Forum Rules to follow to help make Our Clubs Forum a better place for all...

    Please keep checking back as I am making modifications by trying to perfect them all this week...

    If you have any Questions, Concerns or Suggestions...
    Now is the time to contact me, as I am seeking some member’s suggestions....

    Please email me with any suggestions that you may have....

    Thanks to all that have given me some input...

    Admin / Moderator for
  3. amberjak

    amberjak Treasure Hunter

    got it
  4. Cbird

    Cbird Rigger

    WTG Sam
  5. Morpheus

    Morpheus Newbie

    Great forum rules! Let me know if I step out of line!:confused:
  6. Wade Warner

    Wade Warner Newbie

    All seem reasonable. Got it
  7. Bob Yelverton

    Bob Yelverton Pirate in the making

    Got it. Thanks
  8. 4xNorm

    4xNorm Pirate

    The rules make sense. I can't wait to have something to show and tell
  9. Watusi

    Watusi Pirate

    Great concept
  10. Ryan McLaughlin

    Ryan McLaughlin Blackbeard

    Easy enough rules. Thank you for having this forum and opening it. I can honestly say without a doubt it has taught me new things and showed me new places and techniques. I appreciate it and try to share it with those around me who may benefit in a similar fashion. But honestly, thank you.
    Don pollosco likes this.
  11. John Reid

    John Reid Powder Monkey

    Nice to have a place to share info, learn and meet new people that share the passion of fishing.
  12. seareaper

    seareaper Pirate in the making

    Pretty reasonable rules, but I'm sure as on any forum there will be plenty of interesting banter, Wait that was O.K. right I didn't see a no banter rule did I?:snappy crab:
    Nautical Gator likes this.
  13. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member
    Thread Started By

    You will get plenty of playful, friendly and teasing remarks on here.
    Goggle Eye likes this.
  14. cjv

    cjv Newbie

    Haven't been here long, but like what I've seen so far. Seems like there are quite a few active members putting in a lot of good info and sharing catches
    Nautical Gator likes this.
  15. Ken Boone

    Ken Boone Seaman Recruit

    Hell, Norm, the only reason you don't get a full pull every time is that the shrimp see you coming and know they better get out of Dodge.
  16. Ken Boone

    Ken Boone Seaman Recruit

    And, occasionally, respectful, hahaha
  17. JBF

    JBF Powder Monkey

    Roger that Captain, thanks again
  18. CongoX

    CongoX Greenhorn

    Looking forward to sharing
  19. livebadboy

    livebadboy Greenhorn

    No problem sounds fun
  20. kevinmdow

    kevinmdow Newbie

    Sounds good. Look forward to getting and sharing information. I won't have my fishing kayak until next week. I haven't fished or shrimped in years since my buddy with a fishing boat moved. Hopefully I will be able to get out next week when I have my kayak set up. I plan on shrimping in GCS and near the Black Creek bridge to start, and then fishing around town and in St Augustine. I hear that Guana State Park is a good place to fish and near the Villano bridge.
    JOSE G. SANTIAGO likes this.

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