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Dangers Of Diving With A Hookah Rig

Discussion in 'Diving, Hookahing, Spear Fishing, Snorkeling' started by keep it reel, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Michael Bittner

    Michael Bittner Pirate in the making

    sounds like a great thing for shallow dives under 20' or so. Are they pricey?
  2. 4xNorm

    4xNorm Pirate

    I bought a third lung (hookah) a few years ago and everything mentioned in this thread is 100% true. I am a certified diver and the training I received learning to dive saved my life twice. First time I was down 20 feet catching lobsters and my hose kinked when I was coming up. I knew my breath would expand on the way up if I let it out slowly on the way up so I didn't panic. The 2nd time I was at the surface and handed my bag of lobsters to my wife on the boat..... again the hose kinked and I was tired from the swim up and had 45# of weights pulling me down. I panicked briefly and the training told me to release the weight belt. It all happens so fast and if you aren't trained bad things happen very quickly. After the second time I have a snorkeler in the water to keep an eye on the hose because they tend to get caught in the boats propellers and anchor line. Be safe my friends!
    keep it reel and Michael Walker like this.
  3. jj1987

    jj1987 Pirate

    I think so, although the danger of bad air and such is worse to me than the price.
  4. Bubba Creech

    Bubba Creech Treasure Hunter

    Great information, I have used a Self Contained Breathing apparatus through out my career. Constant recurrent training and maintenance is a must to stay proficient and always practice emergency backup systems and self rescue procedures.
  5. Don pollosco

    Don pollosco Pirate in the making

    Theres a ton of useful info here. I'm a newby to all of it and I wanna do everything. These messages from you guys puts some things onto perspective. Thanks for sharing the dangers and helpful hints. You fellows make this site the site that it is. Thanks to all of you. Especially the captain.
    keep it reel likes this.
  6. kayakmike

    kayakmike Cabin Boy

    Execellent information...If your going to HOOKAH......take a certification course..your life may depend on it....
  7. streakin striper

    streakin striper Pirate in the making

    The first time that I saw one I was watching the History Channel and the divers were looking for old submerged logs. I would almost be sure these guys weren’t certified. lol

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