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Shrimp Lights For Sale 5630 Series!

Shrimp Lights For Sale, check out the best LED Shrimping Lights on the market

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Shrimp Light 5630 Series

Gator-Tough™ Ultra Pro Shrimper Series™ GT-5630-G

are 12 inches by 2 inch wide and have 150 H.I.D. Chips. Super bright Ultra GREEN™ LED’s, 12v saltwater shrimping light with Extra Long 40 ft heavy duty power cord & alligator clips

 High Luminous Flux 5630 = 5400 - 6000LM

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Gator-Tough® Pro Shrimper Series 5630: have the below Quality features:

      "Lumens" is a measure of light”

Shrimp Lights For Sale