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Weekend Fishing

Discussion in 'Fishing Chatter = anything to do with fishing' started by clee1985, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. clee1985

    clee1985 Newbie
    Fishing Chatter

    hey guys,
    Very new to this causeway fishing. Is there a normal expectation following tropical weather when fishing in North ORMOND in the back water and Tomoka state park.
    Thanks for any advise. Best baits, best conditions following rising waters, etc.
    Hoping to score some dinner!
  2. miller

    miller Cabin Boy

    I always like live shrimp, i think they are the best for many different styles of fishing. That or fresh dead or frozen shrimp, or live bait fish. I like to fish the bottom or the surface at causeways. My go to is a live bait on a small circle or "offset baitholder" hooks that are smaller. I run about a 4-5ft leader to a swivel with the lead on the main line. I use the smallest lead i can to keep it on the bottom. Ive also had luck with the berkley gulp shrimp on jig heads too! Flounder love those at bridges it seems. I've caught big fish on some small hooks. Definitely use a little heavier tackle so you dont get broken off on the structure, as you're going to want to be fishing the structure and be able to pull the fish away on hook ups. I have caught red fish, mangrove snappers, jacks, and a tarpon at bridges but i know snook are commonly found too. You can trying bouncing a buck tail jig off the bottom for them or even a flounder.
    Shrimp Gritter likes this.
  3. clee1985

    clee1985 Newbie
    Fishing Chatter

    Thank you for the help. So the bridges being high bridge and granda
  4. clee1985

    clee1985 Newbie
    Fishing Chatter

    Pretty good day at least enjoyable. A couple of reds and a mess of catfish.

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  5. stinkyskater88

    stinkyskater88 Treasure Hunter

    Looks like a fun weekend!
  6. William OBrien

    William OBrien Treasure Hunter

    Those catfish can drive you nuts sometimes. I have used the GULP shrimp with great success stinky little buggers.
  7. flrockytop

    flrockytop Junior Member

    Evert thing eat shrimp. Cant go wrong.
  8. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Good job. Sure beats getting skunked.
  9. flrockytop

    flrockytop Junior Member

    yes better than nothing

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