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Water Getting Into Trailer Bearings

Discussion in 'Boat Supply, Boat Parts, Boat Information etc…' started by Greg and Tabitha, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. Greg and Tabitha

    Greg and Tabitha Cabin Boy
    Thread Started By

    Last year I put new bearings and seals on my pontoon boat trailer. I put good SKF ones on. I recently checked them after my hubs got real hot. I discovered water gets past the seals and my wheel cylinders on the drum brakes are leaking and the brake was staying engaged. Also the grease goes right past the seals. Was wondering if the axle can wear where the seals go or maybe they sold e the wrong seals. Napa had a hard time finding them and I had to make a second trip to find the right ones because the kit had the wrong size. Also wondering if I should upgrade the axle from a leaf spring to a torsion. Leaf springs very rusty. Or go all out and put disc brakes on. I do mostly fresh water but do salt a few times a year. Where is the best place to get the stuff.
  2. Srfrdave

    Srfrdave Mate

    You can stay with Leaf springs. I would go head and replace the hubs. Entire kit will run you about 35 bucks each. When replacing make sure your axle is smooth and clean. I would go to Northern tool or maybe Tractor supply. You could also order them online. Make sure you have the right size, you may want to measure, especially if the inner hub is different than the outer. If the axle is still good no need to replace. You can also get new brakes if the old ones are shot. Good luck
  3. stinkyskater88

    stinkyskater88 Treasure Hunter

    Surplus unlimited in Daytona will have everything you need and be able to help you out. Very affordable.
  4. 311sarge

    311sarge Master Gunner

    Hard to believe the axle spindle is worn that bad. May not be the right bearings and seals. Depending on the age of the trailer and condition hard to say. If the spindle is worn, axles can be made reasonably at trailer places just be sure to specific the use. I.E. marine. If your not going in salt water then regular axles (non galvanized) would last a long time but as we all know in the saltwater world there is one thing that salt water can’t damage, and that’s salt water.

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