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Trim Tabs

Discussion in 'Boat Build, Boat Projects... etc' started by Bob C, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. Bob C

    Bob C Master Gunner
    Thread Started By

    Saw a post about possibly needing to add trim tabs to a boat. I would think most of us with offshore boats have trim tabs.

    If you have Bennett trim tabs not unusual for them to stop working, usually needing a new hydraulic pump.

    So repair or replace, hydraulic or electric? Who knows? Which lasts longer? Work better? I am sure everyone has an opinion.

    I will give you yet another option to consider! Nauticus Smart Tabs - http://nauticusinc.com/smart-tabs-sx/

    I installed these on my boat as the Bennett Hydraulic Trim Tabs did not work when I bought the boat. It was most likely the pump but can be other parts as well. Rather than spending hundreds to figure it out and fix it I decided to safe and try a set of the Nauticus Smart Tabs.

    I was not sure how this would work out as these are "automatic" trim tabs. Basically a trim tab on a shock and you have no control except to change the hole position on the "shock" when out of the water. So no being able to adjust from the helm.

    After well over a year of using them I would say I am happy with them. Two guys that have been out with me several times have even said when their trim tabs go out they will give them a try as well.

    I have never noticed my boat leaning badly to one side or the other. I can not say the same for most boats I have been on where the Capt controls the tabs.

    Just some thing else to consider.
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  2. Shrimp Gritter

    Shrimp Gritter Seaman Recruit

    Good topic and post, thanks.
  3. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member

    I have electric trim tabs and they always work, better then the hydraulic, those Smart Tabs are nice but are more of a Stabilizer then a Trim Tab... JMOP
  4. Bob C

    Bob C Master Gunner
    Thread Started By

    you are most likely correct on that, but for my boat, they seem to do a very good job so far compared to some other boats I have been on that seem to always be leaning to one side.
  5. Specialist

    Specialist Buccaneer

    I have thought about installing the smart tabs on my little 17" CC to help it get up on plane faster. I just haven't pulled the trigger yet.
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  6. Roadhammer

    Roadhammer Treasure Hunter

    Trim tabs will certainly help you on a plane quicker. I’ve had hydraulic tabs and currently have electric. I love my electric tabs. The “dumb” tabs mentioned will help on a plane but don’t allow any adjustment which really really comes in handy on quartering seas. You can also crank them down to get up on shallow water and the back them down while under way. Adjustable tabs also help for when you have different fuel and passenger loads. I really see them more as a necessity than an option like a jack plate.
  7. Nocatfish

    Nocatfish Seaworthy

    Very good report Bob and it hits close to home for me. My trim tabs (old hydraulic tabs) are currently not working and I will be replacing them ASAP. However, I first have to replace my hydraulic steering system top to bottom. Both the cylinder and the helm are leaking fluid and the cylinder is damaged (deep sratches and pits) beyond repair. I'll post a report on the replacement in a couple of weeks.
    As far as the trim tabs, I believe I will be going with the manual electric tabs. My experience has taught me that it really nice to have that control over not only the side to side stability of your boat, but over the bow and stern of the boat as well. Mine havn't worked in over a year and man due I miss them!
  8. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member

    just a note:

    If you back down with Smart Tabs, they dig into the water and push your stern down... Regular or electric tabs do not, you can move them up back down, and they will not dig.
  9. Joseph Warga

    Joseph Warga Cabin Boy

    that's a good tip..had had both kinds the latest being Lenco electrics...good to know...thanks
  10. I’ve got the insta trim setup on my 23ft center console. They didn’t work when I got the boat. I pulled the pump assembly out and went through all the connections and got everything but one side working... ordered a new selonoid and for 45$ I’m back in business and they work great.. offshore I can run they way down and keep the bow down. Pretty cool to be able to take one side down and straighten out the boat when my crew all goes to one side lol
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