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Tide Table Used For This Is For Ponce Inlet Halifax River

Discussion in 'Tide Conversion Charts' started by Nautical Gator, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member
    Thread Started By

    You will also find predictions at over 2500 locations for:
    • Tide heights and times,
    • sunrise and sunset times,
    • moonrise and moonset times, and moon phase.
    The tides are presented so that it is easy to print them out.

    Onwards to theTide Predictionregion selection page.


    For anyone who wants to check the tides on your mobile phone
    click on the below link and download the app.


    Port Orange ADD - 3 hours to inlet time
    South bridge ADD - 2 hours to inlet time
    Edgewater ADD - 3 hours to inlet time
    CM 65 ADD - 4.5 hours to inlet time
    Oak Hill ADD - 6 hours to inlet time
    Lopez ADD - 7 hours to inlet time
    Sleepy hollow and kayak Dawg Outfitters ADD - 2 hours to inlet time
    Granada bridge ADD - 4 1/2 hours to inlet time
    Tomoka basin ADD - 6 hours to inlet time

    If low tide is at noon at the inlet, it will be low at the
    South bridge at 2 p.m.
    Edgewater 3p.m.
    CM 65 4:30 p.m.
    Oak Hill is opposite of the inlet low tide at the inlet is high tide at Oak Hill

    The tide table used for this is for Ponce Inlet Halifax river
    Three days before and after the full moon runs from May 8th to the 15 th
    Three days before and after the new moon runs from May 23rd to May 30th
  2. Robert Cran

    Robert Cran Pirate

    Thanks for the heads up on the tides app. Sam. We appreciate all that you do.
  3. Lynnae

    Lynnae Rigger

    Got the app, thanks! Hope to see u in a few months! Planning on lots of trips for shrimp this year!
  4. wantabe

    wantabe Pirate in the making

    Thank you for explaining the tide charts
  5. lanny

    lanny Junior Member

    I always get confused on the tide reports...One night, i had to stay 8 hours to catch my limit. we waited 6 hours for the tide to change and 2 hours to catch our limits...We drank a lot of Beer.
  6. gordopirate

    gordopirate Newbie

    Great app, thank you!
  7. Fladux

    Fladux Pirate

    Very helpful, thanks

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