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Thinking Of Repowering???? Here Is What I Learned

Discussion in 'Boat Supply, Boat Parts, Boat Information etc…' started by WestCoastSteve, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. WestCoastSteve

    WestCoastSteve Pirate in the making
    Thread Started By

    Bottom line for everyone comes down to 2 items,
    1. What we want
    2. What we can afford

    I price shopped a few years back and found great deals online, about 20% less than a local dealer. On $10,000- $15,000 that is significant.
    Recently I bought my first brand new outboard. I shopped online and calculated what it would actually cost. I had Yamaha so Inwanted to stay with Yamaha to save and reuse my controls.
    Then I learned the new motor would only have warranty if I had a local dealer install. So while getting parts for my old motor I asked how much would they charge to install a motor I bought off the internet. Surprise only $500. The dealer asked if they could provide me a quote before I bought. What did I have to lose? To my surprise, they were $1,100 cheaper. They did not have the motor in stock.
    I contacted another local dealer. They were even $550 less than the first and they had a motor in stock. Also gave me a $500 rebate and extended my warranty for 2 more years for free. 5 year warranty and $1,650 cheaper than any internet deal I could find.
    I only share this because, I was rather closed minded about the local boat dealers. After all why not at least see what they can do. Some will compete to try to price match etc.... also in my case there was a factory rebate and 2 additional years of warranty.
    Our hobby is not free, it is rare when we can save.
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  2. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    I put a new outboard on my boat last year and spent a lot of time searching and calling about brands and prices. The dealer I found was also cheaper than any of the online options I had found and was significantly cheaper than any of the other dealers in a 60 or so mile radius for the same motor.
    What I found so funny is that there was like a $150-200 difference between white and black...
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  3. WestCoastSteve

    WestCoastSteve Pirate in the making
    Thread Started By

    UPDATE,,,,, both local dealers I shopped “prepped” me for the ...... we have some additional charges.
    $1,200 and $900 were the prices for new controls.
    Keep in mind, my controls are old, but in good working order. This was all sight unseen.
    Today they called and said the boat was ready and they water tested it and all was “perfect”.
    the HOWEVER, (here it comes)... my alarm (which is part of the controls) was not working (I suspected as much prior to taking it in). Also needed a module to make my gauges interface with the new motor.
    I would have been fine with new controls because I set aside money in the budget.
    NOPE, dealer charged $150.79 parts and labor for the alarm, module and labor. He insisted, I did not need new controls..... I am so impressed. Again I almost feel bad being so biased against the dealers when they really treated me right
  4. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Yeah, pretty sad when you really expect to get screwed every time you have to take you car or boat in for service that you can’t do yourself. I know I always expect it. Shouldn’t have to be a surprise when you are actually treated fairly...
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  5. Keith

    Keith Pirate

    Thanks for the goood information. I'll keep that in mind.
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  6. Srfrdave

    Srfrdave Mate

    West coast Steve, can you say what dealer that was??
  7. FLJNR

    FLJNR Pirate

    Ya but isn't your warranty only good if you get it services at the dealer?
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  8. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Same as with autos, you should be ok as long as you save all receipts to document that you performed all manufactures recommended maintenance at the correct intervals.
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  9. FLJNR

    FLJNR Pirate

    Ya I know that but I heard it is a super pain in the ass if you actually have a claim and they fight it tooth and nail. Not talking from experience though
  10. shrimpmansteve

    shrimpmansteve Swabbie

    Glad it all worked out for you!!
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  11. WestCoastSteve

    WestCoastSteve Pirate in the making
    Thread Started By

    APOPKA MARINE in Inverness.
    All their motor prices included installation when I went there
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  12. WestCoastSteve

    WestCoastSteve Pirate in the making
    Thread Started By

    They told me, 100% you can do your own maintenance but if there is a claim (Yamaha) will require that Yamaha oils were used.
    I priced the oils for crankcase and lower unit. for about $120 more they do it and some other checks found in the manual. They are also certifying that everything was ok at time. For the money and a yearly service the price difference $120 (divided by 12 months) is $10/month. I think I will use them for the first 5 years anyway
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  13. JonathanFlorida

    JonathanFlorida Blackbeard

    Great to hear a story about a dealer who treats customers right!
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  14. FLJNR

    FLJNR Pirate

    That's a great dealer!!
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  15. Rich M

    Rich M Mate

    Glad you have some good things to say about boat dealers. Seems like a good place.

    I've been bitten every time I've gone to them for anything that it has made me perpetually "shy". Ditto for the auto mechanics - can't be too careful.
    WestCoastSteve likes this.
  16. scasios76

    scasios76 Blackbeard

    Great information and info for a future mechanic

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