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Teenage Boy Is Impaled By A Needlefish That Jumped Out Of The Water And Stabbed Him In The Neck - Pi

Discussion in 'In The News section, Local News and Information' started by Nautical Gator, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member
    Thread Started By

    Teenage boy is IMPALED by a needlefish that jumped out of the water and stabbed him in the neck - piercing through the back of his SKULL

    An Indonesian boy has required lifesaving surgery after being impaled in the neck by a flying needlefish.

    Muhammad Idul was fishing with his parents in Buton waters off the South East Sulawesi province on Saturday when a needlefish jumped out of the water.

    The fish's long slender snout sliced straight through the 16-year-old's neck and pierced the back of his skull.

    The student was rushed to hospital for treatment, before undergoing risky surgery to remove the fish from his neck two days later.




  2. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Holy crap! :eek: And I worry about catching a hook where it’s not supposed to go...
    Nautical Gator likes this.
  3. duffy

    duffy Treasure Hunter

    OMG! Thank the Lord he lived through that. That's crazy.
    Nautical Gator likes this.
  4. shrimpmansteve

    shrimpmansteve Swabbie

    That is crazy!!!
    That’s one way to get an omega 3 injection
  5. Saltgasm

    Saltgasm Mate

    I hate it when that happens.
  6. Lynnae

    Lynnae Rigger

    Oh my goodness! Makes me cringe to think of the possibility of infection from that!

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