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Taco Gunnel Outrigger Holders?

Discussion in 'For Sale CLASSIFIEDS, Boating, Fishing, Shrimping' started by Ratman, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. Ratman

    Ratman Newbie
    Thread Started By

    I bought a used center console that has the TACO gunnel outrigger holder (see pic), but don’t have the inserts that hold the outriggers (the metal tube with a starred end about 120 degree bend).
    Does anybody have the metal tubes they want to sell or know where I can find some? Wanting to try trolling so looking for “used” parts. Also need to buy some outriggers as well.


  2. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member

    I would check with the used surplus boating supply houses like Surplus Unlimited, and others like them.
  3. Ratman

    Ratman Newbie
    Thread Started By

    I like surplus unlimited. I’ll check them out. Thanks.
  4. 311sarge

    311sarge Powder Monkey

    If you find bases I have a pair of rupp one piece aluminum outriggers that I will part with. I don’t need them anymore. I think the base diameter is 1.5 and are 15 feet long.
  5. Ratman

    Ratman Newbie
    Thread Started By

    Thanks for the note. I’ll let you know what I find this weekend.

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