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T-7 Days

Discussion in 'Hunting - Trapping, Deer, Gator, Hog, Turkey' started by Rich M, Oct 19, 2020.

  1. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Rifles are sighted. 30-06 is smack-dab dead-on center-of-the-bullseye at 225 yds. 243 bolt is as good as the ammo - about 3 inches at 225. Dad claimed that gun over the other 243 - due to the scope and trigger.

    The ranges for most of the hunt spots are out to 200 yds due to the clear cutting. Couple spots = 300 but not many of those.

    Keep checking weather and it keeps getting warmer -
    last week they were saying highs in 60s (was in love w this),
    then highs in 70s (ok, nice enough),
    now it is supposed to be 83 next Monday (WTH?),
    cooling to 74 by Thursday, 71 on Saturday. Lows below 60 from Tuesday onward. Morning hunts will be nice anyway. Winds changing daily from good to bad to good. Just gonna have to move around some.

    Thinking hard about shifting the trip from Sunday to Monday - the 83 day/Monday has an E wind which is a very tough hunt. Next day has SSW wind which is also a tough hunt. Wednesday (W wind) I can get dad (or me or both of us) into my favorite stand for Wed (w)- Thurs (N)- Fri (NNE) if necessary but if it goes as it usually does, it'll be a 1 day thing - if he's not napping (LOL!).

    If we show on Monday and do the corn thing, then Wednesday would be about perfect for that spot and one 500 yards east of there and another one 500 yards further east. Seems like a good idea right now...

    The countdown has begun.
  2. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Hope you have good luck. I know what you mean about the temps. I always hate the beginning of bow season up in N GA because it’s too hot, but even then it’s not as hot as the cool days in Fl...
  3. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Yes - it will be cooler than it is down here, still prefer a 10+ degree diff to at least feel cool.

    I'll be checking the weather every 15 minutes until we leave... LOL!
  4. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    T-6 Days

    Weather: 85 Mon Wind E, 86 Tues SE, 78 Wed with showers SW, 73/74 Thurs N and Fri NNE.

    The lease got hunted today:

    He said there is another about the same size. Trail cam aint working right but the trees are getting rubbed and they are scraping.

    He's gonna corn it on Sunday for us. I won't have to worry about that for a couple of days.
  5. Well that’s one less buck to get in your way:)

    good hunting
  6. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    T-5 days

    The weather has made a temp jump with 2 days w highs of 87 - T&W and the winds are now mostly southerly, which I don't like.

    Sun & Mon have E winds - so those will do for a couple of stands and that's before the summer highs.

    The following Saturday is supposed to drop to 71 and N winds which is nice.

    Gonna need to make a decision - maybe hunt a long weekend this week and then go up for the following weekend, but it's only 2 days vs 12 hrs driving.

    Hunt Sat-Mon and then Th-Sun. Is it worth coming home for 3 days? But its gonna be real hot those 3 days (86-87-87). 4 nights lodging is about $500.

    Anyway - here's a buck picture:

    live buck.jpg
  7. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    That’s a nice buck above. Go get it!
  8. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Time to switch the count up a little bit - back to T-7.

    Just don't want to hunt in sweating weather. Gonna leave next Thursday now - supposed to be 85, then Friday 80, and Saturday 73 - will hunt the temp change and hopefully see an increase in daytime movement. Sunday & Monday are in the low 70s too.

    This waiting stuff isn't any fun...
  9. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    T-6 days

    Weather isn't cooperating like I'd like - the temp change is becoming less pronounced. Right now just hoping for it to be in 70s.

    Where's an arctic blast when you need one?
  10. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    T-2 days

    Almost there.
  11. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Hope you have good luck.Thumbsup1:::1
  12. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Thanks, Mak.

    T-1 day!

    The weather is gonna be perfect - high of 88 today, 84 tomorrow, 74 Friday, 71 Saturday. Will hunt all day Friday and Saturday.

    Trying to figure out a game plan - focus on just dad getting one or try for both of us on Friday am. Can hunt the back and most likely get him a buck he'll like. Can put him in the more comfy and ground level shooting house and he'll likely see a good one to shoot. Dilemma! Guess I'll ask him if he wants to hunt the ladder or the shooting house and see what he says. He will see deer, so that'll be half the battle.
  13. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By


    Home from a mostly fun trip w dad. Saw Lotsa does and only 5 bucks, 4 small, 1 unknown.

    Dad shot the first deer he's shot in over 25 years. 4 pt, he's happy. Shot w 243 facing shot, 100 gr partition. Bullet is in the ham and I'll find it when processing.

    I hit a deer that run off, to be seen the next day, musta hit a branch. Later shot 2 does at same spot, they were eating acorns and ignoring 4 wheeler.

    Also seen 17 turkeys.

    Fun trip, just real short on buck sightings. Could be from clear cutting or from all the activity in the bottom this year.

    Dad got excited over 8 deer converging on him, 7 does and 2x2. Then later 2x2, 3 does and 5 turkeys all at once. Fun day in a box blind. IMG_20201031_183613_01.jpg IMG_20201031_095300_01.jpg
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  14. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Glad you had a great time and we’re able to get some meat for the freezer. Too bad you had a bad shot and lost one. I’m always skeptical of anyone telling me they have hunted for decades and never had a bad shot and lost a deer.
    After 25 years it sounds like your dad had a very memorable return.
    I just returned after a couple weeks in TX. Plan is to get back up to N Ga early Dec for hopefully a couple weeks and a final chance for some hunting and another deer.
  15. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Thanks Mak.

    That's the first deer I have lost w a rifle. Shot and haven't retrieved 3 or 4 w bow, I w ML and now 1 w rifle.

    Hope you can get back up there and put some more meat in the freezer.

    Pretty sure we're done w deer for the year.
  16. George Buck

    George Buck Cabin Boy

    Nice season for you guys. Our Ct. season for archery is still on until the end of January in two deer zones, one zone along the NY border and another along the coast where there are mostly suburban towns and access problems. In Ct. there is no safety zone rule for how far from a house. You can put your tree stand on the kids swing set in the backyard if you wanted to and the homeowner was ok. That opens up a lot of spots where an "estate" has five to ten acres and some open space adjoining. In urban areas deer are a big problem.
    In my area along the NY border we had an EHD disease issue and about half the deer herd died off. In one of my bow spots there was a dead 13 pointer, a dead nine pointer and a dead 10 pointer all laying in small creeks. The disease causes a fever and the deer head to water to drink and die there. These three bucks were within a half mile of each other. Trail cams showed a couple of other big bucks still running well after the first frost when the disease dies off with the death of the small flies that carries the disease.
    I shot no bucks this year and passed on the does due to the die-off and wanting some deer left for recruitment.
    mak likes this.
  17. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    We used to hunt on the east side of the state - Windham area. I'm going back to the 1980s and 90s. got a few bucks, mostly would shoot does or yearlings til the freezer was full and then get back on the pheasants and ducks/geese.

    I heard that the hunting regulations have deer hunting stopping at sunset and not 1/2 hr after or dark. That's just crazy.

    Still know a few folks up that way, they mostly trout fish, few folks I know still saltwater fish due to low fish catches and intense regulation. I was around for the bluefish hey-day in the 80s and when they reopened the striped bass season after some years of closure - right around 1990. Spent a couple of years lining eels at night and catching a lot of stripers when the 36-inch size limit in place (that was about a 16 pound fish). My favorites were the springtime flounder (when they existed) and tautog/blackfish.

    Miss it, but it has changed, just like the fishing and duck hunting down here - today is the good old day of tomorrow. Enjoy what you got while you can.

    Side note - got a buddy on Long Island NY who does the archery thing - not sure if he's still hunting but I think they go thru February. That's nuts.
  18. George Buck

    George Buck Cabin Boy

    Long Island has totally different seasons, everything is much later into the fall and winter. It is mostly bow hunting with some gun hunting in Suffolk County.
    The spring run of winter flounder was a favorite of mine and fall blackfish is too. We fish for the blackfish with a lead head jig and a piece of green crab or a whole asian crab. An asian crab is almost identical to a fiddler crab. Blackfish love sand fleas too, when I am at the Jersey shore I rake them in the surf and fish for blackfish along the jetty. Our blackfish techniques are precisely what we use for sheepshead in Florida. Same exact rig and presentation. With a jig, when you swing, it is a 100% direct line from the tip of the pole to the bait in its mouth. Nothing else on the line to spook fish, take up the power, get in the way, etc. We can go off line to discuss more or maybe even do a joint trip on the river. If you like to fish for blackfish then fishing this way for sheepshead will bring back all of those memories.
    The winter flounder were decimated by over fishing and cormorants eating the juveniles. Stripers love small flounder too. When I had my place in Montauk and a lobster boat I fished the spring run of sea flounders and would get big yellow tail flounder and "snow shoe" black back flounders. They are so good to eat.
    Freshwater trout fishing in north central Ct. is literally world class with the Farmington system and its tail race fisheries open all year long. Many of the streams still have native wild brook trout too. I love to stream fish trout and one of the reasons we stay north instead of moving south.
  19. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    We fished offshore rock piles for blacks - dad and I were talking about anchor pulling yesterday when putting the Rhodan on the boat.

    We were using 12-16 oz sinkers and feeling the way in between the rocks - some days, all the fish would come out of 1 pocket in the rocks. The current was prohibitive for light weights. Depth was 15-30 feet ish. Rarely fished shallow. Our best day, we took a fellow with us - ran to Montauk found a school of bunker and proceeded to lose a big fish from under them (striper), then ran over to Race Rock and fished for blacks (1/2 or 1/4 green crab) and got 45 from 4-9 pounds. Usually we fished around Bartletts and Niantic.

    We did much of our trout fishing on the willimantic river but did hit the farmington a few times each season. Also went to ME, NH, VT fishing the rivers, fish runs, etc.

    Thanks for the offer, George. I might try you more towards summer if you're around. When my folks are down they get first right of refusal. When they migrate, then I've got some free weekends.
  20. George Buck

    George Buck Cabin Boy

    You have fished all of the greats spots. I have seen the Willimantic River and it is gorgeous but I have never fished it.
    Our blackfishing is done on the local reefs where the current is not bad. We fish on top of the reef in 10 to 20 feet of water. Sometimes we fish off of points and island rock piles. It is crazy how you can anchor up and a cast in one direction and depth gets bites immediately and fishing off of that spot gets very little.

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