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Spearfishing Off Beach

Discussion in 'Diving, Hookahing, Spear Fishing, Snorkeling' started by Dalociont, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Dalociont

    Dalociont Junior Member
    Thread Started By

    Anyone ever spearfish from the beach? Maybe take a kayak out a mile or so? If so, is there anything worthwhile out there? I am thinking of giving it a try, but dont want to invest in the gear if Im gonna end up just doing it once
  2. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Nothing I know anything about but I’m in for the responses.
    Isn’t that typically done along a reef or some sort of bottom structure?
  3. Dalociont

    Dalociont Junior Member
    Thread Started By

    Ideally yes. I live in volusia county and mostly wonder if the water is generally clear enough to see fish on the bottom in 40 ft of water. I would imagine you could pick off the occasional kingfish, flounder, whiting or whatever else
  4. robthetimekeeper

    robthetimekeeper Seaworthy

    With Volushia county being the shark bite capital of the world, you can count me out.
  5. Roadhammer

    Roadhammer Treasure Hunter

    If you do, don't tether your catch to your hip. Use a short line on your keeper ring. Or, take your catch up the kayak each time but then you're bounce diving on a tank and that's not good practice. Skin diving won't be an issue.
  6. Dalociont

    Dalociont Junior Member
    Thread Started By

    I plan on free diving if I end up doing it, thanks for the advice
  7. Roadhammer

    Roadhammer Treasure Hunter

    I haven’t done any diving here in the gulf. But when I lived in South Florida we went frequently, we had more issues with barracuda than sharks. They’d take a fish right off the spear or your hand.
  8. Joseph Underwood

    Joseph Underwood Cabin Boy

    Vero is got some good spots but not all vero is good for spear fishing. Have had some luck in pass mostly sheepshead and small snapper few good one .
  9. stinkyskater88

    stinkyskater88 Treasure Hunter

    On a good day I think you should be fine!
  10. Fcsoccer11

    Fcsoccer11 Newbie

    You might be able to get out to the new artificial stuff off flagler or single pier, especially with a kayak, definitely want to dive the tides. I know some people dive the inlet, but you cant spear there.
  11. Rocky1789

    Rocky1789 Master Gunner

    I dive and have off daytona beach a mile out once was in the water 10 min. I prefer staying on the boat.
  12. mattso33

    mattso33 Newbie

    What do you catch that far out?

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