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Shrimp Traps

Discussion in 'For Sale CLASSIFIEDS, Boating, Fishing, Shrimping' started by Mboat, Mar 21, 2022.

  1. Mboat

    Mboat Treasure Hunter
    Thread Started By

    Just discovered a couple shrimp traps while cleaning out a closet at my parents estate. They are not new but are in great shape.
    I am in the Cocoa / Titusville area
    Please let me know if anyone is interested.
    Mike M

    IMG_20220321_211240 (1).jpg

  2. Mboat

    Mboat Treasure Hunter
    Thread Started By

    Adding a shrimp dip net to the deal and 2 Starfire II underwater, clear shrimp lights 12vlt.
    The net bag is in good condition and it looks like all the poles are with it as well. Lights both work but they are white, not green.
    I believe the light set up was initially intended for Monroe / Jessup and Harney spec fishin.

    Anybody need these items before they go to the estate auction up north ?
  3. duffy

    duffy Powder Monkey

    do they work? Do you catch shrimp?
  4. Mboat

    Mboat Treasure Hunter
    Thread Started By

    They have their uses.
    Mostly for a good current, shallow water , along a sewall or other structure.
    They are not really like a minow trap per say. It's more of a run trap that they end up getting swept into.
    Apologies for the delay, I had to make a run back up to Erie and just returned.

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