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Shrimp Dip Net Source?

Discussion in 'Shrimping Chatter = Anything To Do With Shrimping' started by UncleAce, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. UncleAce

    UncleAce Newbie
    Thread Started By

    I posted this in the newbie introduction forum, but didn't get much response. I thought I'd try here. Sorry for the cross-post.

    I'd like to get a better net.
    I've tried to call Capt. Ron Obrien, but his voice mail box is full and I can't leave a message. Is he still in business? Is he still at the Oak Hill Flea Market? Sunday only?
    Any other person or place I should look into for a good shrimp dip net?
    Baccarac likes this.
  2. Tarpun

    Tarpun Pirate

    Fishin' Hole and Fishin' Shack both keep Dip nets in stock.
  3. UncleAce

    UncleAce Newbie
    Thread Started By

    Thanks for the feedback.
  4. csnaspuck

    csnaspuck Pirate in the making

    The Oak Hill hardware store on US1 near Riverbreeze is where I bought mine
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  5. suprchunk

    suprchunk Newbie

    Glad you asked because I was getting ready to. Thanks
  6. Baccarac

    Baccarac Blackbeard

    Just stick with Ron his quality is great

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