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Scalloping Steinhatchee - Spear Fishing

Discussion in 'Scalloping, Lobstering, Crabbing, Claiming' started by BabyFishy, Jul 31, 2021.

  1. BabyFishy

    BabyFishy Greenhorn
    Thread Started By

    Scalloping in Steinhatchee this week. Today we headed north out of the river and found murky water until we were in about 3 ft of water and closer to shore. Lot and lots of boats around, but not so many scallops. Hoping to do better tomorrow. On another note - does anyone know where is a good place to go spear fishing out of Steinhatchee?
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  2. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Good luck. Hope you have better luck on your next try.
  3. Jeepster

    Jeepster Matey

    Hope your luck changes on finding the mother load of scallops. Please post some pics. What a beautiful area.
  4. Rich M

    Rich M Swashbuckler

    I've only been out of Steinhatchee once and that was duck hunting.

    We did some scalloping a little south of there and just went over by the floatilla of boats. Don't know what to do with murky water or such. They look like rocks in the weeds is how I remember it.

    Same for spear fishing - no idea. Buddy of mine liked to scallop and carried his spear gun always. He got a couple big flounder one year and had cobia following him around another time.
  5. BabyFishy

    BabyFishy Greenhorn
    Thread Started By

    Finding Scallops in 2ft of water lately when headed out north of the Steinhatchee River. With all the rain it has definitely created minimal visibility in the shallows. Looking to head out a little deeper today once the morning thunderstorms subside to just rain. Never mind getting wet on a boat, just don’t like the lightning.

    If anyone else is following this thread for tips on where to go, make sure you follow the channel markers out all the way out of Steinhatchee river and stay in the choppy larger waves - if not you may hit ground. Try and follow another boat out if you don’t know the area, there are sandbars and shallows that just pop up.

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  6. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Great report and nice job finding a batch.Thumbsup1:::1 My wife would like to try scalloping one of these days.
  7. Bossman

    Bossman Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Nice haul, I've heard that the scallops are small this year in Steinhatchee.
  8. Rich M

    Rich M Swashbuckler

    Then put the boat on the trailer and head over. It's a lot of fun. If you go during the week, it'll be easier to launch.
  9. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Will probably do that next season.
  10. BabyFishy

    BabyFishy Greenhorn
    Thread Started By

    Actually they were a mix of larger and medium ones, didn’t have to many smaller ones in the ones we caught.
  11. bogman102

    bogman102 Petty Officer

    I keep threatening to try that myself! Haven't gotten there yet! ...............one of these days!
    Thanks for the pictures and report! Glad to hear you got some; so tasty!
  12. Saltgasm

    Saltgasm Swabbie

    Scalloping is a blast. Highly recommend trying it. Try to squeeze in some fishing along the way and it’s a great time.
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