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Remembering Fish Camps And Marinas

Discussion in 'Did you know - Remember when' started by fishingfool, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. fishingfool

    fishingfool Lieutenant
    Thread Started By

    Thought I would start a thread remembering the old fish camps and early marinas in the area. I'm gonna need some help on this one! My memory isn't what it used to be!

    Remember when Aunt Catfish's restaurant was Dave's Dock? They had 17 rental boats, the charter boat South Pole, a shrimp boat and two commercial snapper boats.

    Remember when DJ's Deck was Holiday Harbor? They had a restaurant, rental boats, commercial snapper boats and Capt Ray Fulgham's Broadbill party boat. Capt Ray Fulgham built the Captain's Table restaurant on the south side of the big bridge. That restaurant is now Our Deck Down Under.

    Remember when Adventure Yacht Harbor was Safety Harbor? The owner was Capt Floyd Wetherell who also ran the charter boat Star.

    Remember when Down The Hatch Restaurant was Timmons Fish Camp? All they had there was rental rowboats. The owner was B. G. and Valda Timmons. B. G. was the mayor of Ponce Inlet and the father of Capt Frank Timmons. Next door on the north side was Fish Hawk Harbor. They had charter boats and rental rowboats. Of course Fish Hawk Harbor became Sea Love Marina in later years.

    Remember when there was no Critter Fleet? The only business in that area was the Lighthouse Boatyard and marine railway. What started this thread was finding a photo of my charter boat Miss Behavin II on the railway. Photo was probably taken in 1967-1968.

    Miss B - railway.JPG
  2. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member

    your memory is better then mine. your still smart as a whip!

    Dave’s Dock at the foot of the Port Orange Bridge, c. 1938
    For many years this was a favorite for fishermen; a boat could be rented and the best live bait could be purchased. Fishing tackle and river information was always readily available. Today it’s the site of Aunt Catfish’s Restaurant.
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  3. fishingfool

    fishingfool Lieutenant
    Thread Started By

    That second photo is what Dave's Dock looked like when I worked there in '61 and '62. Dave's Waterfront Restaurant opened around 1964. The fish camp closed around 1970.

    Dave's Dock 1961.jpg

    Here's a few more:

    Remember Dick's Fish Camp in Edgewater? It was located right where Kennedy Park and launch ramp is today.

    Remember El Dora Fish Camp? Today El Dora is part of Canaveral National Seashore North.

    Remember J. B.'s Fish Camp when it was a small fish camp and sold sandwiches and cold beer on the deck.

    Remember Bissett Bay Fish Camp in Oak Hill?

    Remember the crab processing plant right next to Bissett Bay Fish Camp?

    Remember Packwood Place? Originally a fish camp in the 1940s but turned into an oyster processing plant and then a restaurant for private parties. I was there a couple of times in the early 1970s. I don't know if Packwoods is still around! They served fried mullet, boiled shrimp, grits, hush puppies, cole slaw and steamed oysters. The oysters were dumped right on the table where you were eating!

    Remember Le Fils Fish Camp and wholesale shrimp company in Oak Hill? Now Le Fils is an RV park

    Remember Tiger Shoals Fish Camp on Mosquito Lagoon?

    Remember Beacon 42 Fish Camp on Mosquito Lagoon? Today there is a launch ramp and is located just north of Haulover Canal.

    Remember Allenhurst Fish Camp and Restaurant? It was located in Haulover Canal right next to the bridge. Some of the concrete slabs and pilings are still there.

    As Dylan once sang - "Times they are a'changin'"
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  4. Alps

    Alps Swashbuckler

    Didn't know there was a wholesale shrimp outfit there near the old Le Fils (I use the place when fishing in that direction - now, it's Mosquito Lagoon RV Park {?}...nice owners)...where was that shrimp company, do you know? Was it right on the Le Fils point somewhere, or nearby?
  5. fishingfool

    fishingfool Lieutenant
    Thread Started By

    The shrimp company was right on the point. They ran trucks (just like today) all over Florida. Virginia Le Fils drove one of the shrimp trucks! When I worked at Dave's Docks in '61 and '62 she brought the shrimp. The first time I fished the lagoon with my Dad (I was about 12) we rented a boat from Le Fils. Of course my Dad had a trusty 5hp Sea King outboard!
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  6. Alps

    Alps Swashbuckler

    Going 'fresh'...Wekiva River Haven. [Cap'n Bob...you would know this one, I believe] Just tried to find an old photo...I've seen 'em before. Going thru my recent archives.... Pics below from 5-6 yrs ago.
    Boy! I SURE wish the place was still open! [It would cut down my commute!]
    It's there, people inhabit the place (so do turkey and other critters)...the business isn't open, hasn't been for a while.

  7. Red daddy

    Red daddy Seaworthy

    Very awesome history there and photos
  8. Jason Berryman

    Jason Berryman Greenhorn

    Gotta love old Florida!!!!!
  9. fishingfool

    fishingfool Lieutenant
    Thread Started By

    Inlet Harbor actually rented rowboats and sold live shrimp until about 1970.
  10. P.O. Munchkin

    P.O. Munchkin Greenhorn

    I just came across this thread. I learned to fish working at Timmons Fish Camp. Worked on the party boats in the late 70's. Still good friends with Frank Timmons' son Frank Jr. Commercial fished with Frank Jr., Jake Stone, and Mark Brown (Bud Brown's son). I was a latecomer compared to you but it is still a bygone era.
  11. shrimpmansteve

    shrimpmansteve Swabbie

    Love the old photos and stories
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  12. P.O. Munchkin

    P.O. Munchkin Greenhorn

    I feel privileged to have spent years around many of the old timers. We did not take many pictures back in the 70's and 80's for some reason. I wish we had.
  13. Shrimp Gritter

    Shrimp Gritter Seaman apprentice

    My brother and I tent camped at the Shady Oaks fish camp, on Lake Kissimmee, the last weekend they were open. A great lake access point as well and fishing history was forced to close and sell under a ruse by crooked state and county politicians. Who would later build Coleman Park as some kind of lame attempt to calm those who saw through them.
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  14. P.O. Munchkin

    P.O. Munchkin Greenhorn

    That's a shame for sure.

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