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Rebuilding Dunlawton Fishing Pier. 2/10/18

Discussion in 'Fishing Piers and Docks with Interactive Maps' started by mkyota1, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. mkyota1

    mkyota1 Seaworthy
    Thread Started By

    Launched out of dunlawton today and saw they have started rebuilding the fishing pier under the west side of the bridge. It has been damaged and closed well over a year. I am glad they are finally fixing it. 20180210_155350.jpg
  2. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member

    Glad to see our tax dollars at work.
  3. Goggle Eye

    Goggle Eye Seaman Recruit

    I haven't been up that way. Have they finished the pier?
  4. mkyota1

    mkyota1 Seaworthy
    Thread Started By

    Not yet. I think they have all of the pilings in and most of the bottom deck down.
  5. CountryBoy

    CountryBoy Pirate in the making

    I believe it has been completed .
  6. mkyota1

    mkyota1 Seaworthy
    Thread Started By

    It has been open for a while now. I drove by today on a test drive 20190411_094544.jpg and saw they finished the small boat ramp up recently as well.

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