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Permit Draws This Week

Discussion in 'Hunting - Trapping, Deer, Gator, Hog, Turkey' started by Rich M, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. Rich M

    Rich M Buccaneer
    Thread Started By

    Getting a little antsy re permit draws this week. Would like to see 1 permit for FL this year...

    Good luck.
  2. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Where did you apply for permits this year?
  3. Rich M

    Rich M Buccaneer
    Thread Started By

    I got a Nov rifle permit! 3 day hunt. WMA to remain nameless. Drew a blank on archery and ML - only 1 notification email...

    Mak - it is a 2-5 year wait for a quota permit, hope you'll understand my reluctance to share, even with the limited traffic on here. I'll be glad to discuss hunting down here and places within reach for you if you'd like. Gators are fun too but Sam's got more experience than I do.

    Anyone else draw?
  4. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Sorry. I guess I didn’t think about stating where you had applied could increase the interest and bump up future traffic for that spot. I don’t plan on doing any hunting down here, was just curious. Guess I’m used to how it works in GA. Pretty common knowledge up there which are the prime quota hunts and everyone brags about/when they get selected for the hot spots.
    Glad you got a good rifle permit.
  5. Rich M

    Rich M Buccaneer
    Thread Started By

    Yeah - it is getting flipping crazy - and they say hunter numbers are falling... I chose 1 WMA and plan on hunting there from here on out.

    Some places limit the number of folks, some don't. One place might allow 150 people per hunt for 6,500 acres (Toso) and another might only allow 100 or maybe 50 people per hunt for a larger tract.

    After playing the points game out west and now it getting worse here in FL for deer, turkey, and even ducks. Seems like keeping things softly spoken is better.

    Plus side to all this is that I need to get out and hang some cameras, start prepping for hunting in 5 months. A great excuse to scout and put feet on the ground in hopefully overlooked areas. Have only hunted there a little before - so primarily new ground.
    Shrimp Gritter likes this.
  6. Bossman

    Bossman Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Yeah I got a quota for archery this year to a new WMA for me 20 permits for archery. It's Little River WMA I've never hunted there but have been told that big buck are taken because they only have 4 hunts a year. I also got drawn for opening weekend of Black Powder In Area 51 WMA :)
    mak likes this.
  7. Rich M

    Rich M Buccaneer
    Thread Started By

    Good deal, Bossman! Be nice to see you show 'em how its done.

    I realized that my rifle permit falls on opener of duck season. That kinda blows - will be hunting ducks w dad that weekend.
    Keep the permit and hunt Friday and maybe the weekend evenings after slugging around in the mud all day???
    Gonna see if we actually draw an opening weekend duck permit and go from there.

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