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Monster Buck Poached Outside Of Miami

Discussion in 'Hunting - Trapping, Deer, Gator, Hog, Turkey' started by George Buck, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. George Buck

    George Buck Treasure Hunter
    Thread Started By

  2. mak

    mak Deckhand

    I don’t see how or why these goons that poach big bucks would consider them a “trophy” or claim bragging rights for a big deer that they didn’t take in a fair hunt. I can see why (but don’t condone) someone would spotlight deer if they needed the meat, but I’m always reading about these losers shooting deer at night or from roads off someone else’s property and then making off with the head and leaving the rest to rot...
  3. Rich M

    Rich M Rigger

    It is due to the whole QDM, TDM trophy society that's been created by the hunting industry. The guys on TV shoot only big bucks, if you or I can't get a big monster buck, we suck. LOL!

    Think about it - why is there a bigger fine for shooting a "trophy animal" than any old deer? They have assigned a greater desire & value to it. That's why folks cheat to get them.
  4. Rich M

    Rich M Rigger

    Hope I didn't care anyone off of posting. Everyone should hunt for whatever makes em feel best.

    Still have to remember that this is primarily a fishing website.
  5. mak

    mak Deckhand

    I didn’t take your post as a negative toward anyone or what they hunt for.
    I’m mainly out for the experience and some meat in the freezer but of course something I can hang on the wall is even better. I know some guys only trophy hunt and look down their nose at folks who shoot does or for meat. I don’t hunt with them...
  6. Rich M

    Rich M Rigger

    Thankfully, most folks I know are willing to clap a guy on the shoulder and tell him what a nice buck he got - no matter what size.
  7. poaching is not hunting how can someone feel good about it.
  8. Joseph Underwood

    Joseph Underwood Cabin Boy

    This guy is such a scumbag . So many hunters put such hard work into shooting a trophy buck and it never fails every year you see stories just like this one .
  9. FLJNR

    FLJNR Pirate

    Wow what a monster. Must have gotten loose from a deer farm or something
  10. Rich M

    Rich M Rigger

    Actually, we produce some big bucks down here from time to time, just not regularly like states to the north. Disney probably has a boone and crocket buck running around.

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