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Missing Boaters Out Of Canaveral 8-17-19

Discussion in 'In The News section, Local News and Information' started by William OBrien, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. William OBrien

    William OBrien Cabin Boy
    Thread Started By

    Saw that on the news yesterday 21 Rabalo single engine went to reef 8A 30 miles out. 2 Firemen on board. I was out saturday afternoon by ponce when the storms rolled through, looked nasty down south of us, we got lucky. Hoping for the best outcome on this one. Said it was the last time they were taking that boat out before selling it. I have a garmin sat locator/communicator and will be getting an EPIRB this week. Hopeful that someone spots them soon. Anyone know them?
  2. robthetimekeeper

    robthetimekeeper Seaworthy

    It's a big ocean. Finding a small boat is like finding a needle in a haystack. If those guys had an EPIRB, it might be a whole different story.
  3. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member

  4. duffy

    duffy Treasure Hunter

    Told my wife this story and she wants and epirb now.
  5. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Hoping for the best. I would not go offshore without an EPIRB. Cheap insurance and peace of mind especially compared to the cost of everything else you are already dealing with in an offshore boating trip.
  6. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member

  7. William OBrien

    William OBrien Cabin Boy
    Thread Started By

    • Just read that they are asking people with similar boats in the area to put OK in red tape on your t top to avoid checking the wrong boat.
  8. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member

    Coast Guard suspends search for firefighters lost at sea after Florida fishing trip


    The U.S. Coast Guard on Thursday suspended its search for two firefighters who vanished after embarking on a fishing trip off the coast of Florida almost a week ago.


    Hundreds of local, state and federal agencies-- as well as civilian volunteers-- have scoured tens of thousands of miles along the East Coast in a six-day long search for two off-duty firefighters, Justin Walker and Brian McCluney. The two failed to return from a trip on a 24-foot fishing vessel off the coast of Cape Canaveral on Friday.

    “We have reached a point where our computer modeling and our ability to search a given location are no longer allowing us to search with any reasonable degree of probability of success,” Capt. Mark Vaun, commander of the Coast Guard Sector in Jacksonville, told news outlets.

    Officials called on civilian boater volunteers at ports in Savannah, Ga., South Carolina and even as far north as New England to help with search efforts, as the Gulf Stream current may have pulled the vessel northward along the East Coast, Orlando's WESH reported

    McCluney works for the Jacksonville department while Walker is a master technician with the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department in Virginia, just outside the nation's capital. The vessel they were aboard belonged to McCluney's late father and has experienced mechanical problems in the past, McCluney's wife told WKMG-TV.
  9. Bossman

    Bossman Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Yeah that's sad to hear, you can't never be to careful out there.

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