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Member Testimonials

Discussion in 'Forum Instructions and Rules... Please Read' started by Nautical Gator, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member
    Thread Started By

    Member Testimonials

    Give a Testimonial on how you like our Club and Forum BELOW:
    Let us know if you liked our Shrimp-N-Fish-Frys™

    If you made any new friends.

    If anyone invited you out Fishing or Shrimping.

    If you learned anything form our Shrimping Clinics.

    If you enjoy reading our Forums, Fishing Reports, Shrimping Reports, articles, etc...

    or anything else you would like to share.

    Thanks thumbsup.gif

  2. lobsterman

    lobsterman Seaman Recruit

    Had a great Sunday with new friends meet from the club. as we were driving home a Qoute from my wife "I am glad you found this club" see not only are we making friends and fishing stories it makes it even better if the wife is meeting new friends and is happy. Happy wife happy life.
  3. Shrimp Gritter

    Shrimp Gritter Seaman apprentice

    While Glenda and I have not had many outings to report on we have enjoyed our interaction with our club and its members. Knowledgeable, sharing, ethical, and sportsmanship are the quality threads that run through the fabric of our club. We have made many wonderful friendships since joining and look forward to making more. Our outings and clinics are excellent ways to pass along the outdoor sport(s) that we've been blessed to experience in each of our lives. The list of names that has had a positive influence on us is quite long, and as to not miss anyone, if we have met you through the club your included on it. The wide range of topics in our forum offers something for everyone. Thanks to Sam and all the other active members that keep our club current and informative.
    Enjoy life....outdoors!, Mike
  4. keep it reel

    keep it reel Lieutenant Commander

    I've met some really good people through this forum and some very good friends. We fish n shrimp together, but it doesn't stop there.
    We bring our families together and have a great time. Never have I seen any hostilities between members but we sure do like to rib each other.
    I've gained an incredible amount of knowledge in a short amount of time thanks to the members who enjoy sharing what they've learned over the years, that is sure to make my trips much more productive.
    As we continue to grow as a club I've noticed that it takes a special kind of person to grow with us.
    It requires a little dedication and a willingness to learn and share what you've learned but as you can see the reward is immeasurable.
    Dont be shy, ask questions. The members are all to happy to share.
    So between making some very good friends you gain some real knowledge.
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  5. fishingfool

    fishingfool Lieutenant

    What a great club! I've met some great people who have become great friends. Where else could you enjoy a FREE FishnShrimp Fry? Where else do fishermen and shrimpers share their knowledge so freely and help others become better fishermen and shrimpers?

    It's not an easy task to put this club and website together and keep it updated. Sam - you're to be commended for this.

    To Sam and everyone who has made this possible - THANK YOU!
  6. Arc Roy

    Arc Roy Treasure Hunter

    Hello all, I’m a relatively new member. I attended my first fish fry in July which necessitated a 4 hour drive, since I now live in Boca Raton Florida. Prior to 2011, I lived in Melbourne Florida for nearly 28 years, but 2 strokes left me partially disabled and forced me to sell my house and move to Boca to be near my daughter.

    Melbourne was much closer to Oak Hill shrimping, and of course, fishing as well. I did as much of both as work allowed until I retired in 2005. From then on, until my strokes in 2011, I was a frequent fisherman and a cast net and dip net shrimper. All in all, six years of fun!

    I, as well as my daughter, thoroughly enjoyed the fish fry and the good times we both had. Kudos to Sam and all the others who made it happen! Some old friends and many more new ones to try to remember – LOL! Names are not my friends! I’m a little better with faces.

    I still try to shrimp when I can, but have to do it from a pontoon boat. Luckily, I have a permanent invite from Bill Lindlau/ Sirshrimpsalot to go when I can. Fishing is a little more difficult but I still do some in the fall and winter months. Fishing down here is a fall/winter thing. Summer (about April through October) is just too hot!
  7. paleoman

    paleoman Petty Officer

    The forums cover from A to Z; "THE BEST" resource for shrimping and fishing I have ever seen. - Todd
  8. John hawk

    John hawk Newbie

    1st let me say,thank you! For your time & effort on the site,kudos! I used to surf fish with my dad from childhood til he passed in 09,we fished prettymuch everywhere from cape hatteras nc to race point mass & everywhere in between depending on what bite was on. I kinda put down the rods sjnce his passing,but im ready to go now. Im not very tech savy,but ill do my best to keep up & post on forums. Again, thanks for any & all your help
  9. Cbird

    Cbird Rigger

    Hi John , welcome aboard. Glad to hear you are returning to the Reel life, it will keep you focused on the good times and relaxed.I didn`t catch where you reside
  10. Ken Boone

    Ken Boone Seaman Recruit

    Thanks to Sam for putting this site together and making it a treasure trove of information. Also thanks to Mike, Captain Bob , Craig and the other guys who have been here since the beginning. Meeting the other members both here and personally is a real joy and the educational benefits are invaluable. Great folks, great info, inspired leader by Sam. Just a great site.
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  11. Bob Yelverton

    Bob Yelverton Pirate in the making

    Thanks Sam....... Hope to find someone to show me the shrimping techniques.
  12. Very new to the club but have already had the pleasure of fishing with nautical gator twice! Very much look forward to my first fish fry coming up.

    Being very new to this area of the country I am hoping to make some life long friends thru the club.

    See you all at the FF.
  13. Bob Yelverton

    Bob Yelverton Pirate in the making

    Welcome.. I am new too. Looking forward to meeting some club members as well.
  14. ChrisF

    ChrisF Newbie

    Welcome... Newby as well. Looking forward to connecting with everyone
  15. Cobia300

    Cobia300 Powder Monkey

    The club is very informative!
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  16. frank jowers

    frank jowers Pirate

    I want to say thanks to all that have made this informative forum happen, I really do enjoy reading all the latest from everyone who makes a post to a thread or those who make a new thread, thanks...
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  17. 311sarge

    311sarge Powder Monkey

    Looking forward to participating in all the forums. New to the site and hope to share catch info with everyone. Thanks
  18. Chrisw

    Chrisw Junior Member

    Learning about shrimp on this site is cool. Lots of useful info on here.
  19. Oyster Pirate

    Oyster Pirate Newbie

    I have read the rules,very reasonable and I must confess that I rarely get to fish in Florida and I am one of the ones that will miss the minimum required posts after my trip. I appreciate the fact that many have vast local knowledge of how to and when to fish and I appreciate such a dedicated site to the sport of fishing. I wish there were sites like this in Virginia and North Carolina that we could share our sport in a meaningful way. Thank you for allowing me to join your site and I must confess that I will get more than I can give. My only advantage is that I grew up with a pole in my hand and now that I am old, I have seen many changes in the tackle and the fishing environment.
  20. Bikn4god

    Bikn4god Greenhorn

    I just joined today but have looked at this site many times. From what I have seen today I look forward to talking and chatting with you and making new fishing and shrimping buddies.
    keep it reel and Nautical Gator like this.

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