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Last Chance N Ga Mt Hunt

Discussion in 'Hunting - Trapping, Deer, Gator, Hog, Turkey' started by mak, Dec 11, 2020.

  1. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member
    Thread Started By

    Haven’t had much of a chance to get out and hunt during our time in the N Ga mountains this trip. I went out Wednesday morning and hunted until about 11:00 but saw nothing but squirrels. Didn’t go earlier in the week because my son and his family were here for the weekend and were tromping all over our 30 acres Sunday. Figured it needed a couple days to settle down and for the smells to dissipate.
    Hit it again this Friday morning and had a little excitement. Had I carried my crossbow instead of rifle I could have taken a doe. At 7:20 I saw movement about 40 yards down the hill from me and watched as a good sized doe came from the west, and paralleled the ridge I was on. Another soon followed about 30 yards behind the first. As soon as the first doe reached my earlier path it went on alert. Stopped in it’s tracks and put nose in air, looked around ready to bolt, etc. Used to be that they didn’t seem to notice my trail when I wore rubber boots. That’s no longer the case as the last several times I’ve watched them go on alert when they come to my path. I’m careful not to rub against anything walking in, and the wind was blowing past the deer toward me. Guess I’ll go back to trying some doe urine on my boots. I stopped doing that years ago because I watched so many times that they definitely noticed it and would get nervous...
    After five minutes or so they both turned around and slowly grazed their way back to the west from where they came. Around 10-15 minutes later I watched two more coming from the south-east, and they turned west and went toward the last two.
    Half an hour after that I watched a huge Coyote follow the path of the last two does. Was trotting along too quick to take a shot in the few openings. I tried my bleat call but I could even see if it heard. That’s was it except for squirrels. Probably won’t get out again before we leave next week. Glad I got one back in early Oct.
    Pictures suck, should have brought my SLR and 600mm with me.
    D1263816-B3E4-4F99-B728-C3A58E368BEF.jpeg 9DB75A66-13F6-4128-8437-E37172CD7155.jpeg
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  2. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag

    Glad you got out again - I will put EverCalm on my boots and it seems to help. Have had a doe or two go on alert, but mostly no response.

    That first picture is a perfect shot.

    Trying to decide if can get up there w dad before the end of the season and shoot another one or two. Stuck duck hunting this weekend - if they find any while scouting today...
  3. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member
    Thread Started By

    Thanks, never heard of that but will check it out for next year. Hope you get another chance at it this year. Good luck getting some ducks.
    I just noticed last week that ive got a big buck working the edge of our driveway at the cabin... haven’t seen it yet or even put out cameras. Some really large pines have been worked over good. My dad passing away in mid October just sort of ended most of my season. Brought my mom back to TX yesterday to get her settled in for Christmas.
  4. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag

    Sorry to hear about that. Hope you have plenty of good memories and your family is able to settle into the new normal without any undue stress. My heart goes out to you.
  5. FLJNR

    FLJNR Blackbeard

    Always good to just get back to the wild for a little bit. That looked like a nice size doe.

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