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I Want To See The Kids Reel In A Red Snapper.

Discussion in 'Fishing Chatter = anything to do with fishing' started by Lil’ Momma, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. Lil’ Momma

    Lil’ Momma Greenhorn
    Fishing Chatter

    Good afternoon everyone! We’re going out Friday in hopes to see my kids reel in a big red snapper! They’re used to mangrove snapper or reds in the river and I need somewhere that isn’t 20 plus miles out that i could possibly try so they can reel in a real fish!! Thank you in advance!
  2. kujo

    kujo Junior Member

    Sounds like a great weekend
    Lil’ Momma likes this.
  3. Srfrdave

    Srfrdave Mate

    Where are you out of?
    Lil’ Momma likes this.
  4. Lil’ Momma

    Lil’ Momma Greenhorn
    Fishing Chatter

    We’ll come out of Ponce
  5. Srfrdave

    Srfrdave Mate

    I dont know that area, but from what I hear, you dont have to hk that deep to get big ones.
    If out of Port Canaveral head to the 21 or 27 fathom ridge and just search for the ledges and fish anything that's holding fish. If you hook up to a Red, mark that spot and drift it again. Make sure your GPS track is on so you can see exactly how the last drift was so you know where to go for the next pass. That's just what we do.
    Good luck.
  6. Angel Lauriano

    Angel Lauriano Greenhorn

    Sounds like a great weekend can be expected
  7. Rich M

    Rich M Buccaneer

    So - did you guys get out?
  8. sonsout

    sonsout Greenhorn

    It is a blast watching /helping the boys reel in a big 20# snapper!
  9. skinner

    skinner Greenhorn

    This is exactly the reason we bought a new boat. We want our kids to get more experience fishing. My 16' Carolina just didn't lend itself to have myself, my wife and 3 teenagers on it. The center console should work better.

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