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How To Keep Fishing Stats

Discussion in 'Fishing Calendar, and Member Stats' started by fishingfool, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. fishingfool

    fishingfool Lieutenant
    Thread Started By

    I use a calendar planner for my fishing stats. I print out the pages and bind them into a booklet. With the planner you can make notes on the weather, tide, temps, etc. At the year's end I have a list of fish stats by month already printed out in the booklet. I add the totals for each month. Then I can just glance at it anytime to see what I've caught at any date previous. I started the stats booklet on 24 June 2011 when I embarked on this glorious fishing adventure using soft plastics.

    You can also buy these planners. If you're just fishing or shrimping occasionally, just keep a running tally.

    Now go catch some fish and shrimp!

  2. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member

    Thanks for the info:awesome:
  3. Shrimp Gritter

    Shrimp Gritter Seaman apprentice

    Great technique, thanks for all the experience tested posts you provide to benefit us all.
  4. lobsterman

    lobsterman Seaman Recruit

    Great advice! I find keeping a log on the computer is nice, but I don't always have time to sit down right away and do it.
  5. Nathan

    Nathan Junior Member

    Good idea
  6. Bubba Creech

    Bubba Creech Treasure Hunter

    Calendar it is, My Father in law is 82 as he keeps one for Hunting. It keeps me straight when trying to remember years past of our family's hunting seasons, by the way we did some shrimping in Hilton Head years ago which has a great tasting shrimp. 20 poles, clay balls and a cast net but we were lucky as the shrimp were already there when we arrived. Great Times but too long ago. Now getting ready for Florida with replacing my nets soon.
  7. mmunier1

    mmunier1 Pirate

    thanks for the cool idea on how to keep fishing stats
  8. Mingo

    Mingo Newbie

    The calendar is a great idea as you can keep it forever and even pass it on to family and friends. I have been using my instagram account to document my catches. I think putting these two ideas together will help me to remember even better. Thank You!!
  9. tomkeys

    tomkeys Pirate

    Great idea! Have been thinking about it but this reinforces the idea.
  10. Jeepster

    Jeepster Able Bodied Sailor

    Gonna start me one. Thanks for the great idea.
  11. Hal

    Hal Pirate

    fantastic idea wish i had thought to to do that years ago.
  12. Great idea! Will have to do something like this. Thanks for the tip.
  13. Some good ideas shared here
  14. Lil’ Momma

    Lil’ Momma Greenhorn

    Great idea! Thank you
  15. adallas

    adallas Blackbeard

    Do you do this to create a pattern for next year

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