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How To Clean Shrimp The Easy Way

Discussion in 'Shrimping School, Learning, Tips and Tricks' started by Nautical Gator, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. rab0690

    rab0690 Greenhorn

    Great video on how to clean and deveine. How do I sign up for one teh the boot camp classes and start learning?
  2. duffy

    duffy Treasure Hunter

    Your a natural on camera. That looks like so much shrimp. Let us know when sign up for shrimp school.
  3. Jayde

    Jayde Pirate in the making

    Thanks for the cleaning tips. I'll definitely use the new technique this season!
  4. JD4WD

    JD4WD Greenhorn

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  5. mrwetwork

    mrwetwork Pirate

    The amount of time I have wasted in my life doing it the wrong way, lol. Thank you.
  6. gatorx07

    gatorx07 Pirate

    Agreed! I have wasted to much time and pricked my fingers and hands a million times cleaning Shrimp. Great advice. I already purchased the deveining tool! Thanks, now just need to find the shrimp

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