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Here’s A Little Project I Recently Finished

Discussion in 'Boat Build, Boat Projects... etc' started by large marge, Dec 25, 2018.

  1. large marge

    large marge Pirate in the making
    Thread Started By

    70C4F128-8423-481E-AD51-84B89D4E6530.jpeg 94EE3CD9-8A3D-4656-B628-F67DF727E088.jpeg 94EE3CD9-8A3D-4656-B628-F67DF727E088.jpeg 94EE3CD9-8A3D-4656-B628-F67DF727E088.jpeg 438082A9-A5A0-4C18-87B1-F45B48D93927.jpeg B4B3D9FF-E6F9-4DA1-8D20-6C8A5F2DA8C1.jpeg

    Here’s a little project I did up

    It’s an IPB 14 - itbwas just a hull when I purchased it.the previous owner cut it apart - why?? I’ve no clue !
    It was buried in his garage, when I purchased it.

    I wanted forward and aft casting decks and gunnel boards .

    Made up bulkheads to support the aft deck
    Removed and replaced the forward bulkheads - these were off over an inch - they were in the boat at an angle.
    The deck, it’s nidacore and there were not any problems with it - no work was done there ...

    Fabbed up supports for the gunnel boards and glassed it all together.

    Composites are the only choice ! NEVER use wood ! The gunnel boards are Penske coosa board, the forward and aft decks are Penske coosa board too - forward bulkheads/ aft bulkheads and the supports for the gunnel boards are the same material- Penske coosa board.

    Glassed it all together and made the hull the deck / gunnel board joint flat- for easy rub rail mounting.

    Primed it all out in duratec surfacer
    Then awlgrip with griptex...ALLWAYS use a 2 part product for finish ! Single part paints will NEVER harden ! Even if you use a “hardener” - single part paints are cheap crap !
    I like awlgrip ! Best product available !

    Notice the grab bar ?
    To securely mount something like that on a composite cored surface - you need To use a specific technique , or your fasteners will fail.toggle style bolts or “t” bolts are NOT a good option !
    The area where the grab bar mounts were to be located,the core was removed and the area filled with a thickened epoxy - NOT polyester !
    When the bar is mounted, the holes are marked and drilled - the mounting fasteners were 1/4-20, holes are drilled 7/32” , dab of 3m 5200 on the hole and run the machine screw in the hole with an impact driver ! Done ! Epoxy is threaded now ! You want to remove it ? Hit the fasteners with an impact gun, the screws will come out.2 things are permanent - death and herpes ! Contrary to popular belief, 3m 5200 isn’t permanent !

    The poling platform - when thru bolting with a composite cored surface, you need to use “sleeves” - composites should be thru bolted and sleeved, that’s the correct method !

    This little rig came out nice huh ??






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  2. large marge

    large marge Pirate in the making
    Thread Started By

    2F20A5DA-08DB-48D1-BEAC-9D5A829E368A.jpeg 76B38227-B651-40DC-806F-EEC59F9BFF3D.jpeg 2F20A5DA-08DB-48D1-BEAC-9D5A829E368A.jpeg 7CD1A658-B577-4181-A4A0-E8790F3075F8.jpeg 7CD1A658-B577-4181-A4A0-E8790F3075F8.jpeg

    This was a nice little project

    Came out nice !
  3. large marge

    large marge Pirate in the making
    Thread Started By

    I’ve got a whole bunch more pictures of projects / repairs and fabrications

    If you want to see - tell me
  4. mak

    mak Mate

    Lots of hard work in that one. looks good.
    Should be a shallow water fishing machine.
  5. nat55611

    nat55611 Cabin Boy

    Nice job and boat looks great also the grab bar is an “ohh shit handle” lol good work
  6. Shrimp Gritter

    Shrimp Gritter Seaman apprentice

    Good work and post. Thanks.
  7. Keith

    Keith Pirate

    Talking about giving something a second life. That turned out nice. You can clearly tell you take pride in your work. Have you shown the original owner?
  8. JBF

    JBF Treasure Hunter

    Like the post and the name
  9. Nocatfish

    Nocatfish Seaworthy

    Super job. Always great to get advice and info from someone who knows what they're talking about!
    I'll bet she would float in a mud puddle!
    Great job and pics.
  10. You should take pride in that beautiful project!!
  11. j204burkett

    j204burkett Pirate

    Very cool.... Nice looking setup, it looks great!
  12. Bossman

    Bossman Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Once again Large Marge you've done a great job making a fishing machine.
  13. scasios76

    scasios76 Blackbeard

    Nice job. Looks great. Congrats.
  14. Dave rivera

    Dave rivera Master Gunner

    She looks nice, skinny water awaits you. Great report. Enjoy!

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