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Going Out Of Ponce Tomorrow Looking For Suggestions

Discussion in 'Fishing Chatter = anything to do with fishing' started by adallas, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. adallas

    adallas Pirate
    Fishing Chatter

    hey I haven’t been out for a while and I want to get out tomorrow. Will the party grounds be good this time of year or do I need to further to Mango hole?? Not sure what to do this time of year. Thanks.
  2. Can’t wait for report! Be careful out there
  3. adallas

    adallas Pirate
    Fishing Chatter

    Thanks. I am going to be ready to go inshore if it is too saucy!!
  4. Linda C

    Linda C Pirate in the making

    Can't wait to see what you caught. Be safe!
  5. Nocatfish

    Nocatfish Seaworthy

    Gonna be a little rough Monday, be careful. I hope to (finally) get out Weds. Not many reports from offshore no matter where you look. The weather has not been conducive to offshore fishing unless you have a 40ft sportsfisherman. Good luck!
  6. adallas

    adallas Pirate
    Fishing Chatter

    I went out in 3-4 foot was headed for Mango or party ground but ended up closer due to the seas. Didn’t do all that well went to Site 2 and caught a Cobia and King. Ran in to Flagler and caught some big weakfish and sheepshead .
  7. Nocatfish

    Nocatfish Seaworthy

    Hey, not that bad. Any trip in which you catch a Cobe is a good one in my book. Were you trolling when you caught her, or did you use live bait? If live bait, down deep, or up on top. Going out Weds and could use some Intel. Thanks for the report.
  8. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    May not have gone as planned but you still made some real nice catches. Nice cooler full.
    Thanks for the update.
  9. adallas

    adallas Pirate
    Fishing Chatter

    Only caught blue fish trolling. Cobia came off of the bottom with squid . It was a nice surprise
  10. Sweet report in my humble opinion.
    Thanks for sharing
  11. hevad

    hevad Pirate

    That's pretty good for not doing all that well. Thanks for the report & pix.
  12. Nice catch and great report. Looks like you did well and will be eating good.
  13. 311sarge

    311sarge Powder Monkey

    Looks like a good day. At least you were able to bring some fish home. Nice cobia.
  14. mkyota1

    mkyota1 First Mate

    Always a good trip with a cobia in the cooler. Congrats.
  15. alex23

    alex23 Pirate

    Nice Cobia! I’m still searching for my 1st one. I caught a 30 incher a few months ago - no matter how much I tried to stretch her she didn’t get to 33
  16. Tarpun

    Tarpun Pirate

    Nice trip. Your trip beats the heck out of my day at work!
  17. mrwetwork

    mrwetwork Pirate

    Cobia is the most delightful thing to catch.
  18. Saltgasm

    Saltgasm Matey

    Nice tray of meat there! Great catch, glad it worked out for you with the modified plan.
  19. Caelan Rand

    Caelan Rand Pirate

    always have to adjust to changing sea conditions! That’s a pretty nice selection of fish there!
  20. Baccarac

    Baccarac Blackbeard

    Yeah nice Cobia I'm gonna get on them and our next up a weeks

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