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Gheenoe Casting Deck.

Discussion in 'Boat Build, Boat Projects... etc' started by deepsea, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. deepsea

    deepsea Greenhorn
    Thread Started By

    Hey everyone. I'm getting ready to install a fore and aft deck on my Gheenoe. Looking for some advice from the more experienced. 1) What weight of fiberglass is recommended? 2) Types of resin to use or avoid? 2) What material for the core?

    I appreciate any feedback.
  2. mak

    mak Rigger

    @large marge posted not long ago regarding a Hobie Power Skiff that he had rebuilt. He had significant experience with fiberglass and could probably help with advice.
  3. Srfrdave

    Srfrdave Carpenter

    You can use Biaxial 1708, glass, and I would go with Polyester Resin. The 1708 has chop strand on the back side of it and it is pretty strong. You dont need to spend the money on epoxy resin in my opinion. For the core. You could use marine ply, or coosa or divinycell. Don’t forget a respirator, not a cheap little mask, get a good respirator.

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