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  1. magdrill

    magdrill Pirate in the making
    Thread Started By

    looking to finally try a frame net this year but I’m having problems finding them online to purchase. I’d like to set my boat up for using it before I make my yearly trip down.
    Does anyone know where I can buy one and have it shipped?
  2. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member

    I have one for sale
    the shipping would be expansive though.
  3. Ken Boone

    Ken Boone Seaman Recruit

    Say it ain’t so, Sam! Selling your frame net? Must be an upgrade in the future...
  4. Ken Boone

    Ken Boone Seaman Recruit

    Ain’t a lot of setting up to do. I just got mine last year and was also apprehensive, but the only thing needed was a learning curve on my part on where/how deep to deploy. Have a cleat on the opposite side of current flow when you are anchored? Your boat is set up! The time I dumped a couple gallons (more than I had dipped), I knew I had done the right thing getting it.
    Karl B and Bossman like this.
  5. Bossman

    Bossman Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    I guess short of having to get it when they get here before starting to shrimp. Vs. not having to come early and get ready for it can't say that I blame them. I like to come prepared myself if possible.
  6. jeff barton

    jeff barton Deckhand

    How much you want Sam?
  7. Ken Boone

    Ken Boone Seaman Recruit

    True, just trying to let him know that setting it ain’t rocket science and it wouldn’t be worth it (to me) to pay shipping for a fairly heavy/bulky net when coming down a couple hours early to pick it up was viable.
  8. I'd like to buy it and I'll pay the shipping

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