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Flats Fishing

Discussion in 'Questions & Answers: Gain Angling Knowledge' started by SpaceCam, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. SpaceCam

    SpaceCam Pirate in the making
    Thread Started By

    With so many sub-forums and threads, I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong place....

    I would LOVE to do some flats fishing, perhaps meeting up with someone who knows the area well.

    I don't know if a place like this exists, but here would be my uptimate scenario.....
    A flats fishing spot in central Florida (on either the Atlantic or Gulf sides). Somewhere I could park my vehicle that was close to the fishing spot. An area where the kids could play and possibly snorkel (I have a 13 and a 5 year old), and if there were BBQ facilities, even better.
    As for the fishing, I'm not fussed as long as there were some species I could take home to eat (or cook on the spot, even better). An area with ankle to knee deep water, minimal snags and just somewhere I can be in nature and enjoy the peace that this kind of fishing brings.

    If you know of somewhere like that that meets some of these requirements, please let me know!
    If you want to meet up somewhere like this for a day of fishing, that would be awesome too.
    I have a 4WD vehicle so getting off the beaten path (within reason) would work too.
    I do not have a canoe or kayak, which I know would open up my options tremendously.

    Someone please tell me a little slice of heaven like this exists close to me (for reference, right now, I am living just south of Orlando, but moving to one of the coasts soon).

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