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Filipos Pizza

Discussion in 'Edgewater' started by bogman102, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. bogman102

    bogman102 Seaman
    Thread Started By

    Located on Park Avenue in Edgewater. Rather good pizza with a lunch special of two slices pizza and a soda for $3.00.
    That is all I have ever had there but I will next try their meatball parmigiana sub. A friend had their chicken parmigiana sub and liked it.

    I went back and tried the meatball parm sub with mushrooms. It was good and it was large for $6.75 or there abouts. A real deal and tasty.

    I had the same type sub at Albertos Italian restaurant in Edgewater for about $12.00. It was good.

    I also tried Jersey Mikes subs in Port Orange for about$10.00. It was also good.

    I have also tried a meatball sub at Tianos (?) restaurant by the gold course in New Smyrna.
    I didn't much care for that one and it was about $12.00.
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  2. Alps

    Alps Swashbuckler

    Hmmmm...a tasty and somewhat nutritious treat of sustenance for when one comes off the water...sure beats a couple of candy bars for the same $ at the C-store!

    Thanks for heads-up and stamp of approval. And I'll return the favor:
    'Red Burrito' [I think that's the name], sw corner of Dunlawton and US1, Port Orange. Had what I think they call their 'chicken bowl' (something like that) one time...better than I was expecting (admittedly, the hurdle was ground-level). Went back for Rnd 2 (based on previous positive experience) on a subsequent trip...had taco and burrito...NOPE! The beef in it was mystery-meat consistency...maybe they use 'beef sausage'. I dunno. :eek: Both items...it was a struggle to eat it. But I was hungry.

    Thanks for your PSAs.
  3. bogman102

    bogman102 Seaman
    Thread Started By

    They had a price increase! Now: two slices and a soda $4.00. Still reasonable!

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