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Day Time Mangroves Our Of Ponce Inlet

Discussion in 'Fishing Chatter = anything to do with fishing' started by JR219, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. JR219

    JR219 Greenhorn
    Fishing Chatter

    Better to go to artificial reef? South of Ponce or North? Does it matter? Thanks..
  2. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member

    there are plenty of mango's on the rocks, and under the bridgers
  3. JR219

    JR219 Greenhorn
    Fishing Chatter

    Cool, would you say reef 6 or 12 for example! Thanks
  4. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member

    I was talking about in the river and at the jetty
  5. OnTheProwl

    OnTheProwl Greenhorn

    My technique fishing for mangrove snapper this time of year in the river is to find docks with deeper water,say 12' to 20' , with current, and fish the bottom structure with live shrimp or mud minnows when the tide is starting to slow down near the end of tidal phase.

    An incoming tide has been more productive for me as I suppose the cleaner water may have a positive effect.

    The deeper rock piles at tip of the jetty is good but you will need to arrive early and aren't bothered by crowding.

    I use 20 lb Berkley Vanish fluoro main line and leader with a 1/0 Mustad on a Carolina rig.
    JR219 and Greenedog like this.
  6. JR219

    JR219 Greenhorn
    Fishing Chatter

    Great, thank you. I will go tomorrow and see how we do. I’m going offshore and will try the rock piles on the sites. Thank you.
  7. J Adams

    J Adams Pirate

    We've had good luck up and down the jetties. Tight against the rocks.
    JR219 and mak like this.
  8. wantfish

    wantfish Junior Member

    I am planning on taking the kids out by the jetty, but Forecast is high winds, if that's the case we will hit the long stretch of docks until dunlawton bridge.
    JR219 likes this.
  9. Jayde

    Jayde Greenhorn

    I appreciate the information as a newbie! Thanks for sharing, everyone.
    JR219 likes this.
  10. mkyota1

    mkyota1 First Mate

    I usually do better on the natural bottom areas offshore for the mangroves but have caught them off of most of the artificial sites too. The last few trips they have been tough to find for us. Over the last year though they have been pretty thick. Good luck with your search. They are out there.
    JR219 likes this.
  11. JR219

    JR219 Greenhorn
    Fishing Chatter

    Cool, thank you all for the feedback. I appreciate it. I will try the natural reefs next time.

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