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Crews Rescue Missing Man Clinging To Capsized Boat 86 Miles Off Port Canaveral

Discussion in 'In The News section, Local News and Information' started by robthetimekeeper, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. robthetimekeeper

    robthetimekeeper First Mate
    Thread Started By

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  2. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    You’ve got that right. Can’t imagine how or why anyone would go offshore without an EPIRB.
    Wasn’t it also a Sea Ray that went missing last year with those guys they never found?
  3. FLJNR

    FLJNR Blackbeard

    At least he had enough sense to stay with the boat.
  4. Mboat

    Mboat Blackbeard

    Even if the local news is dramatizing the story as they are known to do,
    86 miles out , no FP , no EPIRB , no SPOT, no life raft, no PFD, no GMDSS , nothin.
    Guy is 62 and an "avid" boater ????
    He takes his 32 foot Sea Ray ( that has had recent mechanical issues ) , ALL alone with no safety equipment or any idea of a plan, on a short star gazing outing ?
    Hummm ? Let's see ,,,,
    Children , can you say the word " retarded " ?
    In the USCG report he states that " he woke up " to water rushing in after having mechanical issues.
    "" Nothin like a slap of fresh seawater to put things in proper perspective""

    Must of been pretty tired to fall asleep in a major shipping lane, in an area that intersects an approach to a major US port.

    Wonder how much $$ and resources this clown cost the search teams that looked for him before the M/V Angeles did a good sam and pulled him out of the water ?

    More floatin trash for the rest of us to have to deal with.

    What a tool.
    They'll prolly make a movie out of his life story.
  5. Rex Russo

    Rex Russo Pirate in the making

    I take greater precautions going out on the flats in my kayak.
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  6. One lucky SOB for sure. These stories usually don’t have a happy ending

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