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Bbq Hog 7.2.20

Discussion in 'Hunting - Trapping, Deer, Gator, Hog, Turkey' started by gatortrout19, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. gatortrout19

    gatortrout19 Deckhand
    Thread Started By

    I went to my buddy's 5 acres after work yesterday afternoon. He's been having trouble with his feeder so we moved it around, installed a little solar panel and messed with the timer. Not sure we did anything special but all of a sudden it started working. We made a little blind and figured we'd sit until dark.

    Around sunset 8 hogs came in, so close together it was hard to pick one out and had to wait for a clear shot. I settled on the biggest, about 80 lb sow, and confirmed that he also had one picked out and was ready. We both shot simultaneously, the other 7 scattered quickly with no more shot opportunities but the one I aimed for dropped. We went out to inspect and it turns out we both shot the same hog! He was aiming for a brown one but they were so close together and never stopped moving, so I guess the brownie made a split second decision to turn right before the shot and she got away.

    We laughed at that one for a while and got to cleaning. The meat looked good, a lot of fat for a wild hog. I hope to fire up the smoker tomorrow and enjoy the fruits of our labor, so blessed to live in this great state and have these opportunities.

  2. shrimpmansteve

    shrimpmansteve Scallywag

    Where and when I’m hungry
    gatortrout19 likes this.
  3. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Nice job bringing home the bacon! Funny you both hit the same one but at least nobody has to admit to missing:p
    gatortrout19 likes this.
  4. bbandu

    bbandu Pirate in the making

    Almost Nothing better then some good BBQ
    gatortrout19 likes this.
  5. gatortrout19

    gatortrout19 Deckhand
    Thread Started By

    Yeah I accused him of missing at first, "the one I shot at died..." turns out that was true for both of us! haha
  6. Rich M

    Rich M Swashbuckler

    That was a fun hunt - memory maker there. You guys will be talking about shooting the same hog for years to come.

  7. streakin striper

    streakin striper Pirate in the making

    And as the years go by the story will definitely get better
  8. Tai nguyen

    Tai nguyen Greenhorn

    Can I get a plate please!
  9. bluegeco

    bluegeco Pirate in the making

    Nice catch... I want to hunt some hogs... Who has land and wants to get rid of some..
  10. harry hall

    harry hall Pirate

    nice, I second what bluegeco said!

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