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Bahamas Trip & Snorkeling Gear

Discussion in 'Diving, Hookahing, Spear Fishing, Snorkeling' started by paullm22, May 17, 2018.

  1. paullm22

    paullm22 Newbie
    Thread Started By

    Hi All,

    Wife and I are heading to the Bahamas this summer and just curious if anyone has recommendations on what to bring for water activities while were there. We don't have snorkeling gear, and I plan to do some even though she's not big into it.

    Any suggestions on good gear that isn't pricey or recommendations on other water gear to bring that people found enjoyable?

  2. Joseph Underwood

    Joseph Underwood Powder Monkey

    Anything from Cressi is good Amazon has package deals mask snorkel and fins . Only pole spears are allowed over there. Hope you all have a great trip .
  3. Cobia300

    Cobia300 Powder Monkey

    I second Cressi. We got sets for a very fair deal and the gear is good quailty.
  4. Goggle Eye

    Goggle Eye Seaman Recruit

    Hey Joe . I use US Diver and TUSA. Hasn't failed me yet. Leisure Pro has a wide variety of equipment to fit your needs.
  5. bogman102

    bogman102 Seaman

    Finding a mask that is comfortable is key. I suggest going to a dive shop or smoewheres where you can try them for fit and comfort.
    I have a mustache and it's a pain to find one that does,t leak. When I did find one I like I bought two! Snorkels are all the same for me but I am old school and like a straight "J" tube; no ball or wave inhibitor or whatever they call them new fangled ones they sell today! Fins can get rather pricey too!
    Don't they rent snorkel gear at the resorts?
  6. brad_89

    brad_89 Pirate in the making

    mask and snorkel will suffice. Comfort is key. tons of reefs and marine life to see down there. Enjoy your trip!
  7. Insurance Guy

    Insurance Guy Pirate

    Just remember that no scuba for taking any fish...
  8. I went to walmart and bought the US Driver set (Around $40 or $50) and it worked great for the 7 days the wife and I was there.

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