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Are You In The Right Place?

Discussion in 'Off Topic posts' started by Nautical Gator, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member
    Thread Started By

    A father said to his son: You graduated with honors, here is a car that I acquired many years ago ... it is several years old.

    But before I give it to you, take it to the used car lot downtown and tell them I want to sell it and see how much they offer you.


    The son went to the used car lot, returned to his father and said, "They offered me $ 1,000 because it looks very worn out."

    The father said, "Take him to the pawn shop."

    The son went to the pawn shop, returned to his father and said, "The pawn shop offered $ 100 because it was a very old car."

    The father asked his son to go to a car club and show them the car.

    The son took the car to the club, returned and told his father: “Some people in the club offered $ 100,000 for it, since it is a Nissan Skyline R34, iconic car and sought after by many.

    The father said to his son, "I wanted you to know that the right place values you the right way." ...

    If you are not valued, do not be angry, it means that you are in the wrong place. Those who know your value are those who appreciate you, and never stay in a place where no one sees your value.

    Are you in the right place???
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  2. Bossman

    Bossman Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    So many treasures are lost just that way, somebody don't know what they have and just let it go.
  3. FLJNR

    FLJNR Blackbeard

    That is a great story and so true.
  4. shrimpmansteve

    shrimpmansteve Swabbie

    A very good life lesson. And very very true

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