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9-10 Canaveral

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports (R)' started by Rich M, Sep 15, 2023.

  1. Rich M

    Rich M Sailing Master
    Fishing Report By

    They had a launch...busy ramp, folks running around in the dark to let boaters know as we were launching...

    Hit the Titan and got snapper and porgy. Heard there had been a party boat sitting there on Saturday. LOL!

    Launch was nice - clear air, easy viewing.

    Trolled some - 1 bonito and a couple hits on a large plug, the plug got hits 5 or 6 times over course of day but no hookups.

    Tried bottom spots and finally found some vermillions - got 10 in 14 inch class for a 2-man limit.

    Tax man took 2 of my rigs and 4 fish.

    caught a few short mutton and red snappers as well.
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  2. Stephen Havel

    Stephen Havel Buccaneer

    Great report and catch. Cool to see a launch. Plus you got good eats. Fall is coming.
  3. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    That sounds like a solid trip. I think those Vermillion are great eating.

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