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7/2 & 7/3 Crystal River Scalloping

Discussion in 'Scalloping, Lobstering, Crabbing, Claiming' started by David Orlando, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. David Orlando

    David Orlando Master Gunner
    Thread Started By

    Christy and I drove up Sunday night so we could have a relaxing morning for our first time scalloping. Another couple from Church meet us at the Fort Island Mid-way boat ramp.
    It was a beautiful day and an easy run to the scalloping grounds. We anchored up on the outskirts in 6ft of water and proceeded to have fun. In 3.5 hours we managed half of our limit and called it a day. We wanted to run out to the artificial reefs 18 miles offshore (20' deep) to try our luck. We managed to catch 8 Spanish Mackerel in 30 minutes then headed back in due to the visiting wife getting seasick.

    Friends treated us to dinner at Backwater Fins where they cooked up all our scallops and 2 Macks for dinner.

    Next day, we ran to some gps numbers given to us by a nice couple at the motel. About 3.5' of water and scallops everywhere. It was a total blast. On a couple occasions I grabbed 5 in one dive. They sure are funny looking when they are swimming around in the water.

    Had to call it quits early because they had to head back to Orlando. Had just over half of our limit in 2 easy hours of swimming.

    Can't wait to go back in a month. Hope they are as plentiful in August. Sure would love to get our limit!








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  2. Thanks for the great report and pictures. That mackerel and scallop dinner sure looks delicious!
  3. bogman102

    bogman102 Seaman

    Thanks for the report and pictures! Looks like you had a great time and did well!
    Is one picture eating a raw scallop? I just saw that on a food show the other day and they guy said they taste great!
    I like raw Clams & Oysters so why not Scallops!
  4. David Orlando

    David Orlando Master Gunner
    Thread Started By

    Yes, we ate some raw on the boat, they are delicious!

    Seemed safe to do when they are freshly cleaned, but I would not recommend doing it later, no guarantee all the guts have been rinsed off.
  5. Troy von Blankenburg

    Troy von Blankenburg Treasure Hunter

    Looks like a you guys had a great trip! Do you have any tips on where to find scallops? Might go to Crystal River this weekend but I've never scalloped before.

    ORLANDOFLORIDA Treasure Hunter

    Thanks for the report
  7. bogman102

    bogman102 Seaman

    Thanks for the reply on eating them raw!
  8. Floridays

    Floridays Pirate in the making

    Thanks for the report. Heading to the Plantation Wednesday night for the weekend. Hope the weather holds
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  9. Nocatfish

    Nocatfish Seaworthy

    Great report. We will be over south of Steinhatchee in a couple of weeks...can't wait to go! Raw Scallops with a little lime juice is the way to go! Of course, they ain't bad sauteed in butter and garlic over linguine either. Thanks for the story and great pics.
  10. lobsterman

    lobsterman Seaman Recruit

    Thanks for sharing your adventures. Looks like you had a fantastic time. Headed over this weekend. Hopefully you left us some.

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