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3d Printers

Discussion in 'Member Hobbies' started by mak, May 5, 2019.

  1. mak

    mak Mate
    Thread Started By

    So is anyone here in to 3D printers? I know Florida Fish Hunter has one and has created and shared a bunch of good projects. I finally broke down and made the purchase after years wanting one. Price and capabilities have of course changed dramatically the past couple years.
    My first print after getting setup was the weed shield that Florida Fish Hunter created. I’ll be darned if I can find his post on that. Anyway, it fits on the Native Propel Drive and fit perfect on mine. Looks like it should work well.
    New mission will be to learn AutoDesk Fusion 360. Ive got a lot of experience with AutoCad and 3D Studio so hopefully will be an easy learning curve...
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  2. scasios76

    scasios76 Blackbeard

    Pretty neat. Seems like a great tool to have
  3. mak

    mak Mate
    Thread Started By

    Been playing with it way too much this past week.

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