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2020 Lund Ssv-18

Discussion in 'Boat Build, Boat Projects... etc' started by Rich M, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. Roadhammer

    Roadhammer Cabin Boy

    Now that you mention it, there wasn’t many calm days out. I have a 22’ bay boat and sometimes run 50 miles offshore to grouper grounds if the seas are down. Only went out twice this summer.
  2. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Hoping for a better 2021 for sure.
  3. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Gotta get the gas can installed and will be able to balance this guy up front.
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  4. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Your going to like thatThumbsup1:::1
  5. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Thanks! High hopes.

    It is gonna change how I fish.
  6. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Getting my head back into finishing boat project. Hunting is basically done and fishing time once more.

    1 - Fuel tank still needs an aluminum or SS fitting for vent line - have fuel line and fill port with vent included.

    Then need to run fuel line from 3rd bench to motor - gonna use some kind of conduit or PVC pipe for that to reduce any concerns from hooking, stepping or sitting on the fuel line. Getting the gas tank in there will free up quite a bit of room.

    2 - I bought a "40-inch" fish bag for keeping fish cold cause the big cooler is too much for the bow if someone wants to move around up there. The bag is 36 inches long and has a 40-inch corner to corner length. Couple nylon strap loops on the corners will allow it to be suspended - or at least supported from the front bench/fuel tank bench and not laying around to trip over. The bag was essentially full with the 10 black drum we had in there on Jan 1 - so it's not gonna be enough if chasing AJs or other large fish. But it will be enough for kings, trout, snapper, etc. Let's just say if the bag's capacity is exceeded, there is a lot of fish to eat.

    2 - Need to get the 1K bilge pump hard wired with a switch and run a discharge line. Will run PVC conduit and mount switch in star board - nothing electrical is gonna touch the aluminum - doing everything possible to prevent electrolysis and corrosion of the metal. The discharge line might/could just be a PVC line straight up to splash well and have a 90 angle to the side. Would drain to splash well, not fancy, simple and out of the way. I don't want to punch a hole in the transom for the bilge pump. May also upgrade to an automatic pump... We'll see.

    3 - Going back & forth on putting lights on. The flashlight-like lights seem better...and work fine just need to make mounts for them to attach to. Somehow they always seem to walk and end up outside the boat where dad "puts them away" and I can't find em when prepping to go... Might cable them to the boat. LOL

    4 - Found a nice waterpoof box that fits under my seat - it is just about 1/2 inch too long to fit in there sideways and that's what I need. Search continues. I'd like to have 4 waterproof boxes of "stuff" - emergency gear, VHF radio, rain gear, spare stuff, first aid kit, fishing gear, etc.

    5 - Saw someone has same boat who had made Plano Box holders that fit into the space between the rear bench and the splash well in the back of boat. That would require a little ingenuity but would clear up a bit of space.

    6 - Want to make a dual 5-gallon bucket holder for in front of rear bench seat, passenger side. Star Board is incredibly expensive, may just bungee cord them in place. But a level floor for the buckets is more in mind. Use em for holding gear, bait, and inshore fish.

    7 - Considering adding another SS rod holder on passenger side, rear bench for use with down rigger (DR) - its either that or building some kind of DR bracket. Not entirely sure if I need a DR for what I do but have one and see no harm.

    8 - Adding 2 or 4 Scotty rod holder mounts to sides of boat - when we troll, dad wants his rod handy and if it is back by me, he likes to hold it. Have a couple of these rod holders and they can be handy for other stuff too - suck as tying stuff off to and maybe a cutting board mount.

    9 - Figure out what kind of seat to put on the front bench/gas tank bench (3rd from back) (needs to accommodate fuel fill/vent thing).

    10 - Need nice seat for passenger side, 2nd bench. Have seat mount.

    11 Need to incorporate some foam into the very front 1/2 bench seat (4th bench) to accommodate for the foam lost installing fuel tank. Fuel tank will add buoyancy if empty, just not gonna help if very full. Want to ensure level flotation just in case it is necessary.

    12 - Need to mount Rhodan and figure out how to set battery and run wires for plug.

    13 - Have plastic trailer bunk covering material - will make it easier to launch & retrieve boat Plus it will dry faster than carpet and reduce the metal from staying moist - wet aluminum corrodes faster than dry.

    14 - Have PVC guide posts for ease in backing trailer up - need to attach them to the trailer and put some reflective tape on there. Too flimsy to be boat guides tho.
  7. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Sounds like you have put a lot of thought into it and it will be a fun winter project. That new Rhodan is sure goin* to be nice...
    I like those drawer style holders for the Plano containers but they sure were expensive last time I had been looking at some.
    Maybe you could use some of the pvc trim from HD to build a frame to hold your buckets? You can get quite a lot of different dimensional lumber sizes and profiles. They even make sheets of it.
  8. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Great call on the PVC lumber at Home Depot!
  9. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Rhodan is bolted on and ready.

    Plano boxes seem doable.

    Down rigger needs a bracket or something.
  10. JBF

    JBF Cabin Boy

    Looking good, motivating
  11. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Rhodan did well on its first trial run in the backwaters. There is a learning curve but not too bad. No idea how well it will work in strong current - does have a decent hum to it.

    Gonna consider a couple well placed large milk crates in the boat as opposed to making platforms and such. I do like the idea of them being level so we'll see what i come up with. Buying a third large milk crate and cutting it to make the angled bottom might be a solution. Anyway - think I could get a 5-gal and a 2-gal bucket in the milk crate. The milk crate up front will hold the anchor and at least be a place to pile the rope.

    Driving around with my fuel tank in my truck - need to stop off at Ace and see if they have a stainless nipple and a female hose connector that will fit the nipple and vent line...

    Keep talking myself out of putting in a switchboard - realistically need 2 switches - bilge pump and a spare just in case.
  12. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    How did the Rhodan compare price-wise with a similarly equipped Minn Kota or Motorguide?
  13. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    About the same cost. Mine was 1700 before shipping.

    The 12 volt minn Kota was about 1600.

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