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2020 Lund Ssv-18

Discussion in 'Boat Build, Boat Projects... etc' started by Rich M, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Couldn't get my 2002 17 ft CC ActionCraft Newport running reliably over the last 2 years and lost all that fishing time. Decided to totally replace it and maybe buy the "last new boat"...

    After much discussion w wife and a bit of hemming & hawing, decided to get a LUND SSV-18. Went with 60 hp Merc and extended tiller handle. Reasoning for choosing this boat - light weight (easily maneuvered), utility style, walk-thru benches, good for a little bit of everything within reason, and can be towed with wife's car if need be. The V extends to the back and cuts down a lot of the slap from regular wind waves.

    Pretty blue.

    The floor is pretty deep in there (3 ft depth in the bow - 20 inch transom - splash-pad/tray in back). I'm 5-10 and can't support my weight on my inside foot when running while seated at center or front seats. Bought a 4x4 peice of 1/8 inch aluminum sheet and some aluminum angle to fix that (planned this before we bought the boat - gonna have my parents and young grandchildren in there - need a flat floor there). The floor will be level with the lip in the center bench and go forward to solid bench. (you can see the walk-thru lip on the back bench - same "elevation").

    Due to the boat being a tiller set-up, need to adjust weight distribution to reduce the propensity for bow slap. Moving weight forward and not wanting to clutter up the floor, fuel tank is planned for inside the front bench. Pull off plywood, cut hole in foam, set tank, replace plywood kind of deal. The only tank I can find that will fit is a 13-gallon Moeller. Bench is 12 inches wide and most fuel tanks are wider - would rather go 15-gallon but can't so 13 should work. (13x6.3 pounds per gallon = 81.9 pounds full + weight of tank & such so about 95 pounds)

    Have only had her out once and am currently breaking in the motor. Basically run varying speeds for the first 8 or 10 hours of operation, keeping it below 4500 rpms mostly, then between 4500 and full throttle. So we do not have fuel economy from the way I would normally run a boat. The fuel usage was about 2.75 gallons for 22 miles of up/down, up/down on throttle. This photo is the wake at about 20 mph:

    Without a lot of data, let's say 7 mpg avg times 13 gallons = 91 miles on a tank. If my cruising speed is 19 mph and it burns say 2 gal/hr then it would be about 125 miles and 6.5 hours per tank. Carry an extra 5 gallons and can go and run all day.

    It pops on plane quickly & easily, lots of thrust with 60 hp on a 485 pound hull. If I was to run it the way I will, normal cruising speed will be about 19 mph. 25 mph motor is whining a little and we still have 1/3 to 1/2 throttle to go! 34.2 wide open into a 10-15 mph headwind w 2 guys. At normal cruising speed, can hardly hear the motor.

    Bimini was mandatory - this is the center and front seat coverage. If you spin it 180 degrees, it will cover the center and back seats. Sounds really smart & well planned but just happened that way. LOL! This is how it has to be for fishing, spin it for beach time and scalloping, etc.

    The seats are Tempress and wife likes em - lots more cushion than the ones we have for a diff boat. Will ultimately have 3 in the boat - driver spot and center bench (one each side of walk-thru). Front bench is gonna get the cushy seat off a blue & grey flip flop seat we have. Still working out how to do back rest for flip flop seat and poly transom/side mount rod holders are a primary consideration - multiple use option and no sharp edges for people's legs...cheap & easy to replace too.

    Rod holders - have 6 stainless recessed rod holders - 0 degree style and 2 of those T/L-shaped stainless outrigger gadgets for the rod holders. The outrigger things will allow me to run 4 lines off it for kings/etc. and will double as rod holders for reeling in fish. Need to adjust gimbal pin in center bench rod holders to raise outrigger things about 4 inches to allow reeling of bottom fish with them in the rod holders. (Last year we used some fixed rod holders when fishing and it made cranking fish in a lot easier not wrestling with the rod. Figure it will help wife and father with cranking up bigger fish.)

    Fish finder - Garmin Striker 7 - 3D, side scan, GPS. Had on other boat. Need to get one of those starboard transom mounting boards to limit holes in new boat. Planning on a plexi-glass box for keeping it dry and as a security thing on trips (will be lockable). Will mount a compass on/in there too.

    Bilge pump - 1,000 gallon Rule hard wired to a switch for just in case. 500 gallon rule w float switch & gator clips for trips where boat stays in water and gets rained on.

    Have a 25 watt VHF & 8 ft antennae, want to get a 1-3-6 watt floating handheld for those days when not going offshore.

    Lights - flip flopping over permanent lights vs battery powered jobbers. Permanent seems better but the fittings will corrode over time and cause issues down the road - always happens. A set of battery powered lights is about $40 + batteries - no wires, no holes, no switches nothing... Still may go either way or do both.

    Cleats - 6-inch cleats planned. Bow and each rear corner - maybe bow and one in center part of the rear of the boat. Not like it is a heavy boat.

    Electric trolling motor - have a 42-inch 55# thrust but not sure how well she'll work up front with 36 inch bow. Will plan a fancy GPS self-positioning version in future. Maybe next year or two. Need to build an aluminum shelf for trolling motor battery in front of small seat and under front platform.

    There is a flat floor between front bench and that little seat - very nice of them to do that. Contemplated front deck but decided to forego it. Like standing on that aluminum platform and having sides - for boat wakes, waves and such.

    So - plans for this boat... This is a "do-all" boat from freshwater ponds w ramps to the ocean but with strict limits for safety and comfort. As always - weather permitting and within reason. It just isn't fun to fish while you are hanging on with one or both hands anyway. This is a 2-3 ft or less forecast boat.

    Aside from inshore stuff, hope to target kings, grovers and red snapper out of it. There are some islands off the west coast & Keys where folks can boat camp - sounds like fun. Pulling tube for grandkids.

    As for the tiller aspect of this - they do offer a fancy side console. I just shook my head when he told me the cost and actual weight of it. If necessary, will have a metal console fabricated and will put it in the front bench. Conversion kit for motor to go from tiller to controls is available.
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  2. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Very nice! Looks great. Thumbsup1:::1 After reading your other post I wasn’t sure if it was brand new or a used projector what. Sure understand the desire to have a brand new one after having constant problems with an old one. Sounds like you have it mostly figured out and are rigging it up right. I like the walk-thru bench. You need to post close-up of the seats, front bench, and the rest once you get her all done. I’m not sure you’re going to have much luck with that 55lb electric and only a 42” shaft but hopefully it will work.
    I rewired and put new switches on my navigation lights and still occasionally have issues so can understand the inclination to go with clamp-on battery powered units.
    I didn’t even know that a motor that large could be tiller controlled, but I’ve never run one with a tiller. It will sure open up the cockpit for you and save weight. I know what you mean about quietness of the 4 strokes. When I bought my Suzuki 60 I could not believe how quite it was after always having 2 strokes and coming off a Mercury 200... I have even forgotten I had it running after fooling around and getting anchored up. I thought I would go nuts getting through that break-in period...
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  3. mkyota1

    mkyota1 Sailing Master

    Nice looking rig you got. Congrats!
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  4. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Fuel tank
    0703201328b.jpg 0703201445.jpg IMG_20200703_160030_01.jpg

    Almost there, need a 90 degree elbow for the vent.

    Will do floor tomorrow, wasn't able to get to it today.
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  5. Very nice. Best of luck with her
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  6. Srfrdave

    Srfrdave Mate

    Looks like a nice platform. Hope she gets some fish on the deck soon.
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  7. Jeepster

    Jeepster Rigger

    Nice ride. I have a 60 Merc and love it. Hope to see ya on the water. Tight lines.
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  8. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Thanks guys.

    0705201235.jpg Floor in.

    Floor makes a big diff for seated comfort.

    The fuel fittings are complicated cause can't/shouldn't use brass w aluminum and tank has aluminum. They use whatever is cheapest. So need to order that stuff and run w 12 gal can up front w 5 gal jugs for backup if necessary.

    Floor, seats, fish finder are all set. Moved battery and set fuel line for now. Have battery lights and rod holders are a hole saw away.
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  9. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    What kind of fuel consumption are you seeing? I'm liking what I've seen so far, just haven't run her enough to "know".
  10. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    In preparation for yesterday's trip - had to finish pop riveting the floor in (ran out of rivets the other day) and put in the rod holders (did the hole saw trick and sealed the rod holders in with 5200). Also cut and placed anti-fatigue foam mat on floor - cut glare and reduce heat.

    Yesterday's trip helped cement a few things.

    First is to get the new gas tank install completed. Had a 150 qt cooler w 40# ice, case of water, and gallon of lemonaid strapped in the bow along with 22 gallons of gas in front of the forward bench. That was a bit much weight up there, making the bow non-responsive to the motor. Trimmed in or out, she ran the same. Brought the big cooler back to my section of boat and suddenly had control over the bow again. Yay! That made a difference for sure. Not exactly nice having that cooler at my feet tho. Gotta figure that out.

    Have too much gear and need to limit what I carry - think that comes from bass fishing too much as a kid - "400" lures "just in case". Probably going to leave the sinker box (1 to 16 oz weights) in the boat and just put other stuff in a waterproof carry on bag as opposed to using an 18-gallon rubbermaid tote. It's mostly about having more open space - same reason gas tank is going into the bench 2/3 way froward. Want an open floor.

    The fish finder works great - out on Site 14 was able to find the rubble piles and see their orientation on the bottom. Very kewl! A couple more trips and should get a feel for orienting the boat on the structure better/faster.

    We ran about 40 miles on about 5 gallons of fuel with a fairly heavy boat (used Google Earth and measured the places we ran). That's good. If we can get out tomorrow/Friday, will start the GPS at the ramp and have it on all day to track where and exactly how far traveled. That would give us about 90-100 miles on that 13 gallon fuel tank. Will always carry an extra when heading off "just in case" but knowing what to expect is great. Will continue to carry 22 gallons for the time being.

    I'll try to get some photos of the rod holders and the outrigger gadgets in play once we use em. Hopefully tomorrow...
  11. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Gave her a crazy run today.

    66 miles total, 7 +/- gallons of gas, dumped 5 gallons in 12 tank and had about 2 inches to go. Excellent!

    We had the boat in STUPID conditions w up to 5 ft waves and a short period, had to quarter the waves back in and other stunts to make it work.

    This is an excellent boat and has more capabilities than I have skill and I was raised on places called Plum Gut, the Race, Montauk. Most of what we did today was relatively commonplace up there. Except you could get out of it in a mile or two and didn't get a "10+" mile run straight into the teeth before it started to lessen.

    Been years since I've brought fish to the dock in a garbage can and fillets in a 5-gallon bucket. I think she'll do. Looking forward to calmer seas and hungry fish.

    Next goals are sailfish and AJs and tile fish out of her. Might head south to do the sails and tiles.

    See you on the water!
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  12. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Glad you are happy with her and it’s working out well. Looks like a great boat and is being rigged up right. Can’t say I would have wanted to be out in those conditions but I guess it’s all a matter of what you are used to and your capabilities. Bet there will be loads of fish brought in to that over the years to come.
  13. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Thanks, Mak! Let's just say you are of sound mind.

    Most of the boats we saw today should Not have been out there, including mine.
  14. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    61 miles on 10 gallons of fuel today. Started motor at 0500 and turned it off about 1600. Much of the run out was at 10 mph due to a tight wave set and wind straight at us.

    Heading back, trolled at 5/6 mph.

    Most of the run was in the river, 20 mph and slow speed of 6 or 7 mph.

    Boat is working out well, red snapper season was about as rough as I'd want to be out in. Hoping for some calmer seas to come.

    This rod holder gadget is great. It felt secure and was used to drag a deep diving lure, bonito grabbed it and went off on a decent run. Rod was secure. Happy with the purchase and they will allow me to drag 4 lures in a somewhat tight pattern. 2 inside rods are about 4 ft apart, 2 outside tips are about 10 to 14 ft depending on the flex (4+6+6 =16).

    Found some fuel line. Thinking of installing a vent and fill port combination. The idea of fuel venting into the boat or water isn't thrilling me. Still need an elbow for the vent line.
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  15. mak

    mak Moderator on Deck Staff Member

    Looks like you are getting it setup just right. Glad it’s working out well.
  16. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Ordered a mono fuel line (as in not layered - its a synthetic material, not rubber), anti syphon fittings, vent/fill combo, and a few other things. It is being shipped.

    Probably have the fuel tank inside the seat by the end of August, in time for hunting season. LOL
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  17. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    The fuel line came in and is this stiff 2/layer tube. Had to buy 50 ft, so have extra in case need to re-do it I guess. Will vacuum seal leftover fuel line and keep in AC until needed.

    The fill/vent combo was/is a bear to get. still waiting on it and 6 ft of vent line.

    The vent fitting is also a pain. Why do they use aluminum at the tank???? Moeller doesn't sell the aluminum vent fittings for their tanks.

    On the other side, I have an anti-syphon fuel fitting. Is this really a good idea? It will reduce the fuel flow to the motor, and it has some kind of flapper valve in there that will degrade over time and end up in the fuel filter.

    Looking at installing some plastic rod holders - have both 3 and 4 count holders. Just need to decide where.

    Everything else seems pretty good. Coming along slowly.
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  18. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Got a safety recall for the tiller handle - seems that some clip/clamp in the tiller assembly might be missing. I looked at the schematic and could not find the part, so maybe it is something diff?

    Dealer has part on order, will call me to schedule a visit once part arrives. Gonna stay inshore this Saturday and might not even head to the inlet. Be nice if the mullet schools are steady up and down the river - we'll get some snook and jacks if they are.

    Still haven't gotten the gas tank in - not taking the time to do it just yet, running with a 12-gal can on floor. Have yet to use >10 gallons so the 13-gallon tank should be a good thing.

    Also looking for a nice electronic switch set for the boat - figure 4 switches and a cigarette lighter for running stuff and recharging handheld VHF radio if necessary. I like the handheld cause it takes less space but do have a 25 watt radio + antennae as well - in case want to run to the Bahamas or something like that.
  19. Roadhammer

    Roadhammer Cabin Boy

    Great looking rig. When it comes to sea conditions, trust your gut. If you think it's a little too rough, it's time to take it in to safer waters.
  20. Rich M

    Rich M Scallywag
    Thread Started By

    Thanks. I agree.

    Seems like it rarely ever gets calmer during the course of the day.

    Didnt see the dog dayz of summer 2020. Most weekends were bumpy. Hoping for better fishing conditions this year.

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