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2016 Yearly Stats

Discussion in 'Fishing Calendar, and Member Stats' started by fishingfool, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. fishingfool

    fishingfool Lieutenant
    Thread Started By

    I only fished the surf one time in 2016. I wanted to see how I could handle it after my shoulder surgery. I couldn’t cast! I caught one whiting, five bluefish and two spots. I officially retired from the surf on that day!

    I fished Sleepy Hollow 34 times in 2016. I caught 44 flatties, 48 redfish, 3 trout, 1 snook, 1 drum and 1 catfish there.

    I fished the Swoope Ramp area 14 times in 2016. I caught 21 flatties there.

    I fished the flat bridge 301 times in 2016. That includes the days I fished there twice.

    On a good note - I caught two overslot redfish. The largest (31") was my personal best. I caught one slot snook in October. I caught 33 varieties of fish in 2016 for a grand total of 1881 fish.

    465 * Flounder
    469 * Trout
    78 * Redfish
    63 * Snook
    324 * Ladyfish
    266 * Bluefish
    31 * Jacks
    67 * Weakfish
    5 * Mangrove Snapper
    3 * Whiting
    1 * Pinfish
    1 * Spot
    3 * Catfish
    5 * Sea Robin
    2 * Star Gazer
    5 * Toadfish
    1 * Puffer
    1 * Pigfish
    1 * Spanish Mackerel
    1 * Grouper
    1 * Pompano
    1 * Ribbonfish
    8 * Lizardfish
    1 * Drum
    1 * Pogey
    3 * Butterfly Ray
    1 * Mullet

    I fished eight times for Mangrove Snapper. That’s the only time I used bait other than the one surf trip.

    50 * Mangrove Snapper
    7 * Pinfish
    1 * Spadefish
    1 * Jack
    4 * Croaker
    5 * Spot
    1 * Porcupine
    1 * Toadfish
    1 * Blennie
    1 * Soapfish
    1 * Lane Snapper
  2. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member

    One Man 1,881 fish.

    Bob the fishingfool caught 33 varieties of fish in 2016 for a grand total of 1,881 fish.

    How the heck does one O'L man catch all them fish???

    folgers bob.jpg

    Nice Going Bob
    The Nasty Hooker likes this.
  3. Yellowtail

    Yellowtail Powder Monkey

    Fantastic dedication and statistics. Thank you Captain Bob.
  4. Thank you for the 2016 stats Roundup! Unbelievably great fisherman, congrats Capt Bob. Here's hoping for an EVEN MORE fantastic fishing year in 2017!
  5. Ken Boone

    Ken Boone Seaman Recruit

    The mayor had no mercy on the fish last year. Great catchin' Captain.
  6. mkyota1

    mkyota1 Sailing Master

    Wow. You are truly a fishing fool! It is really cool seeing the numbers broken down like that. Good luck on making 2017 even better.
  7. slammingjack

    slammingjack Scallywag

    Great numbers Bob. WTG!
  8. Muggin Mullet

    Muggin Mullet Treasure Hunter

    Im crying lmfao.This pic is great.

    Thanks for the fish-log idea. Lets see how long I can keep one. I just met someone recently who is visiting the area and told me that his wifes grandfather kept a journal of the area with fish recordings, locations and so on. He checked a few spots out and fished them but also came to find out some spots were no longer available to fish. Seems like something pretty awesome for future generations.
    Nautical Gator likes this.
  9. Goggle Eye

    Goggle Eye Seaman Recruit

    :first place: BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! CAPT! :first place: Hat's off to you Sir! We wish you just as a successful season in 2017. Thank's for all you do and all your post's. And remember," The best part of waking up is a flattie report and Folgers in our cup's!" God bless!
    :drinking my coffee:
  10. fishingfool

    fishingfool Lieutenant
    Thread Started By

    Muggin - When I was running the charter and party boats I kept daily reports. I even included weather and tide conditions. Somehow those books got away from me over the years.
  11. Love2Fish

    Love2Fish Petty Officer

    Very nice numbers and stats! You are the king!
    The Nasty Hooker likes this.
  12. Nautical Gator

    Nautical Gator Forum Captain, Moderator, Peacekeeper Staff Member

    Bummer, let me know when you dig them out.
  13. Goggle Eye

    Goggle Eye Seaman Recruit

    Yup Yup. Sounds kinda fishy to me. ;)
    Muggin Mullet likes this.
  14. Maybe Red Daddy stashed them away!
  15. Fladux

    Fladux Pirate

    That's impressive, that you can keep up with everything you caught.
  16. fishingfool

    fishingfool Lieutenant
    Thread Started By

    I can't remember all of the fish but I take a photo of every fish! I keep a folder for each month's fish with the date. Then the report is added to the Stat book.
    The Nasty Hooker likes this.
  17. A true professional fisherman!
  18. jdham

    jdham Deckhand

    Holy crap! That total is amazing
  19. bogman102

    bogman102 Seaman

    Very impressive numbers indeed! Thanks for posting your stats!
  20. j2hang

    j2hang Greenhorn

    I am new to this forum and love fishing.
    Usually pretty mentally stable but wondering about stalking Bob, quietly and of course from a distance just so I can see how he does it.
    Maybe I could bring along some Folgers.
    Well Done Captain !

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